ETA on compatibility with CentOS 8.0 (and soon 8.1)

Hello, just wanted to highlight this

So can you please drop a word or two about your roadmap, tests, compatibility changes and when can we expect to use your software on the 8.x series? It makes sense to ask as brand new servers I usually deploy with… well, the newest software :slight_smile:


Just wanted to bump this up as CentOS 8.1 is out; any ideea when all of your software can be installed and run in production on this new and ironed version? Virtualmin and Cloudmin both?

Please all in 1 TOPIC?!?!?

CentOS 8 support schedule

And some more talking about CentOS 8 and 8.1 on this forum see BOLD link above for latest reply Virtualmin guys

@Jfro: meanwhile for Virtualmin a release for CentOS 8 was provided (Virtualmin support for CentOS 8)
But not for Cloudmin (as this topic is in this category). 90 % of the topics you’ve linked or posted are related to the Virtualmin functionality. Cloudmin is not compatible yet.