CentOS 8 support schedule

Is there a plan for CentOS 8 support?

I just assumed it was there, do I need to reinstall and use CentOS 7?

If you want Virtualmin to work today, then yes, you’ll need to install on CentOS 7.

The installer and repos for CentOS 8 are done, but there is an outstanding issue that I mentioned on your ticket on github. I don’t have any other information on that topic beyond what I mentioned on that ticket; it’s currently not very usable on CentOS 8 due to a weird issue with Webmin being unable to restart itself (that might be perl-related or kernel related or something else, I don’t know) that we’re still trying to figure out.


Hi @Joe
You did ask via / on the CENTOS “mailing list” with some log info’s?
https://lists.centos.org/mailman/listinfo/centos mailing list and archives

edit sorry

Centmin has no relation to Webmin/Virtualmin and shares no code. There isn’t anything interesting to be gleaned from a completely unrelated piece of software supporting CentOS 8. (I don’t know why they chose to confusingly name their product/project similar to ours that preexisted by at least a decade.)

I don’t have a good estimate. You’ll know when we figure it out.

Joe Sorry didn’t mean to offend one.

I even not sure what in total centmin does, i only did find that link searching for some differences in centos8.

But also the centos mailing list handy , gateway problems after update to 1911 , and having some probs openstack ipv6 for myself.

We are all working on it. I have spent several hours today, and made install successful on CentOS 8. It’s not production ready though. Let’s hope for days/weeks at max.


Any news on the release?