Centos 8 support

My current server (like me) is getting old and tired. Uses Centos 7.

I’ve built a Centos 8 server, and all went well.

Do we have an ETA on when RH Enterprise 8 and Centos 8 will be supported ?

Many Thanks,


I gues expect myself not in short time.

So you can test yourself in between if time some things, all you need on the box as postfix, php versions, whatever.

Why you maybe ask?

After beta/alpha whatever virtualmin for centos 8 , you can compare some, if working good without virtualmin, then if not working with virtualmin it could be setting / bug virtualmin so you help virtualmin developers here.

Please someone translate in proper English what this guy is talking about.

I tried Centos 8 lately and it looked updated and modern compared to Centos 7, some changes like dnf package manager instead of yum and other packages come updated out of the box. I tried to install Virtualmin on Centos 8 it didn’t work, the reason was there is no support for Centos 8 currently.

Are there any progress or workaround to get virtualmin installed on centos 8?

I’m working on it. Some packages have been removed that make supporting it a little harder (building ProFTPd required making some changes, for instance, and there isn’t a proftpd package in EPEL, anymore). But, it’s close.

There is never a “workaround” to installing on an unsupported OS, other than doing everything yourself. Virtualmin itself will generally work fine on any UNIX-like…but, without all the supporting packages, you’d just have to build and configure them all yourself. It isn’t a minor tweak to support a new distro; it’s generally several hours of building, testing, and iterating to figure out what’s changed and what needs new packages. That’s underway and probably very close to being done.