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Howdy all,

I’m working on for the next few hours, putting new repo maintenance tools online. There may be some temporary weirdness (key validation issues, metadata mismatches, etc.), as all of the repo metadata will be replaced, and I’m not entirely confident the new generation configuration is identical to the old build system.

Anyway, don’t panic if installations or updates don’t work for a little while. You may also need to do a yum clean all or apt-get clean after everything is finished to get updates working again.


OK, I think the repos are in good shape again, after a few messes.

A few problems that came up and their solutions:

Everybody with Debian or Ubuntu: You probably want to run apt-get clean; apt-get update

If you have Virtualmin Pro on Debian/Ubuntu, you may have accidentally downgraded to Virtualmin GPL if you ran an update without noticing that it was the GPL module (webmin-virtual-server_6.0.8_gpl or similar) because I had a typo in my repo generation scripts I merged GPL and Pro. I’ll roll a new Virtualmin package later today that will switch you back. Or, I think it’s safe to run the Upgrade to Pro, as well, if you switched and urgently need to switch back. Don’t panic, either way. Going from GPL to Pro or vice versa is non-destructive.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we’re finally back on track for updating all repos automatically.



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