How to upgrade to 7

OS type and version CENTOS 8
Webmin version 1.990
Virtualmin version 6.17/7?
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How should one upgrade to the new version 7?
I updated the yum repo file and changed 6 to 7. It downloaded and install virtualmin-config and virtualmin-release 7 version. However, even after reboot, when I goto the web page, it still shows 6.17

Its been stated many time in this forum version 7 has not been released yet.


Yes, I’ve seen that, but I guess I found it confusing when was updated last week to say “Virtualmin 7.0 released” and the default download link going to 7


lol gold haha

@Joe Please adjust the wording then.
The Webmin news does not distinguish. it simply says Virtualmin 7.0 has been released!

I don’t manage I manage

It says the author of the site is “Founder and lead developer” of virtualmin. And it says it “has been released” I knew it was under development for a while and when I saw the posting dated 3/23, I though it was finally released since that’s what it says.
You can certainly see that one who isn’t deep in Webmin/Virtualmin development or visiting this forum daily could get confused.
Hopefully switching to the 7 repo didnt screw up anything

Do you know who does manage :wink:

must be jamie…he’s the registered owner of

I think I jumped the gun with this announcement … I’ve only released Virtualmin GPL 7 development packages so far. We haven’t done the full release yet.

Or your subconscious was telling you something.:slight_smile:

But seriously @Jamie , @Joe , @Ilia and the entire community, great work so far. Keep it up. Looking forward to Virtualmin 7!

It’s my fault it’s taking so long. Ilia and Jamie are on top of their bits, I’m just swamped with other work and my roof leaks (literally, not figuratively) and my house is generally falling apart.

I hope to have the beta out for all current versions of supported distros this weekend.

Take care , good luck there. :sweat_drops:

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