Webmin.com has incorrect info regarding VirtualMin v7

at webmin.com, it says that VirtualMin v7 has been released. But on the VM forums it states that is false.

who can update webmin.com to fix this ??

Edit: yeah, what @jotst said.

See How to upgrade to 7 - #4 by Joe

either the terminalogy has changed, or I just don’t ‘get it’ … at webmin.com if I scroll down just a bit, I come to

Virtualmin 6.17 released

which matches exactly the Sept 9 2021 changelog entry for 6.17

also when I look on my RedHat system for RPM packages, I find this

[root@vhost90 ~]# yum list wbm-virtual-server
Installed Packages
wbm-virtual-server.noarch 3:6.17.gpl-3 @virtualmin-universal

which makes me think, from the 6.17 version ID, that wbm-virtual-server.noarch aka virtual-server IS the actual virtualmin package.

and at

Releases · virtualmin/virtualmin-gpl · GitHub

v6.17 is followed by 7.0

what am I missing here?


If you are running Virtualmin, you should NOT be relying on information at webmin.com.

While Virtualmin is a module built on top of Webmin, you should be tracking and utilizing information found at virtualmin.com as the webmin.com website is primarily focused on “webmin-only” installs rather then the Virtualmin platform.

This also goes for those who seem to be adding the “webmin” repos to their installation then getting a reality check when webmin stops working as it’s out of sync with the version distributed on virtualmin.com (which is vetted, and includes additional adjustments / fixes before being released)


Virtualmin is a set of packages and an installer. It is not just one Webmin module.

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