Failed to switch PHP from Disabled to FPM: "failed : PHP error log cannot be set in none mode"

OS type and version Rocky Linux 9.1
Webmin version 2.021
Virtualmin version 7.7 Pro

I’m running Varnish on the server and haven’t had any problems until today, however, when I attempted to switch PHP from Disabled to FPM on one site. I ended up with the following error message:

Changing PHP execution mode to FPM ..
.. done

Changing PHP error log ..
.. failed : PHP error log cannot be set in none mode

Restarting PHP-FPM 8.0 server ..
.. done

Applying web server configuration ..
.. done

Due to that error, the switch was never finalized and it reverted back to Disabled.

That lead me to discover this thread. To be clear upfront, I do not have mod_php installed.

Re-checking the configuration shows that everything is normal and that I even have two available versions of PHP, which is exactly what I had both wanted and expected.

When I tried to validate the virtual servers, I got this message:

Apache website : No Apache virtual host for my-domain.comfound
Log file rotation : No webserver log found for virtual host

I then wanted to verify that I had php-fpm.conf files, and both show up correctly as well.

The domain runs well and even pulls up quickly with the cache enabled on it. But I’m at a loss as to how to get FPM going. Is it possible there is another bug in the system, or am I just doing something incorrectly?

So you never had FPM enabled? And the service is running ok? Does sound like a bug somewhere.
Under System Setting, try Re-check Config

One of my sites has it enabled, and I’m not sure when or how that happened, but I can’t do it with any other site. I didn’t even think to check until you mentioned it.


And re-checking the config shows that FPM with the two different versions is available.

It should be enabled by default, I’ve never had a disable site unless I disable it.
My php config has more

I don’t know why the others are disabled, then, if it is on by default. Hmm…

Maybe @joe has a clue. was 8.0 installed via the docs?

Yes, I installed according to this article.

No idea, look like you done everything correctly. I would of thought 7.4 would at least me enabled untill you switched. And I use rocky 9, never had a issue.

I’d love to get rid of 7.4. I have just one site that needs it.

the template should show it being enabled

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. It just shows what was in my first message. If I try to enable it, then it errors out and reverts.


because its complaining about the error log, when you set fpm are you disable logging before saving?
it maybe a workaround, but maybe you tried that?

And when I refresh again, it shows up. How weird is that?


No I wasn’t able to set logging at all on the system when FPM was disabled. The image in my original post was the entire panel available to me for the PHP options. There was nothing else. I could either set PHP to disabled or to FPM, but no FPM options showed. I figured they would after I had saved the setting.

I’m running with it now that it is working. Not sure what caused it to finally decide to change.

cool, i was going suggest to install 8.1 as well and see if behaved the same way,

Thanks for going through it with me. I’m not sure what changed, but I’m glad it did so…

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@stefan1959 Overnight the system reverted back to disabled. That was a twist I wasn’t expecting. I’ll try installing 8.1 to see if the server can change to it.

EDIT: It was a no go. I can’t get it to change to FPM again at all.

EDIT (REDUX): The only weird thing I can see is that the PHP Configuration portion of Webmin doesn’t seem to be reading the php-fpm.conf files. For example, if I manually edit the 8.1 conf file it shows:

error_log = /var/opt/remi/php81/log/php-fpm/error.log

I am showing the setting immediately after it was installed without changing anything.

Whereas when I go to Manage it then go to Error Logging, the log file for errors shows None.

And the really weird thing is if I click the Save button, even without changing anything, this is the error message shown:

Failed to save error logging : Don't know which file to add to

I definitely need someone like @Joe to check it out.

@stefan1959 @Joe
I think I found the issue. There are ghost entries in the /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf file that point to PHP versions that are no longer there.

EDIT: I removed all of the entries from the file and rebooted the server. So far, they aren’t reappearing. Removing them has fixed the TLS issue, but not this one.


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