After upgrade webmin 2.013 and virtualmin 7.5 not show filemanaber in virtualmin section

OS type and version centos 7.9
Webmin version 2.013
Virtualmin version 7.5
Related packages filemanager and php options

after upgrade webmin 2.013 and virtualmin 7.5 not show file manager and php options in virtualmin section
need help

Hello @milonroy and welcome to the community.

Is the file manager option unavailable on all virtual servers or just one of them.

In the virtual servers that file manager is unavailable, do you see Apache / Nginx feature enabled under Edit Virtual Server? If this check box is left unchecked then the file manager menu option will not be displayed.

I know you said that this has occured only after an update but I am making no assumptions and beginning the diagnosis from square one.

I don’t think that’s right? File Manager does not need Apache or nginx, so I can’t think any reason that option would be tied to whether it is visible.

That was from memory. Excuse me if that was incorrect.

I’ll check if the file manager menu item in Virtualmin becomes invisible while web services are disabled for a virtual server.

I just checked and it does disappear!

For virtual servers that have web services disabled (in Virtualmin → Edit Virtual Server) the file manager option becomes invisible.

You are right, @Joe, it could be useful to have the file manager around since there could be other files in a user’s directory that he might want to access even if web services are disabled for that virtual server. #feature-request

If @milonroy is unable to see the file manager menu option in Virtualmin, he should check if this is due to web services being disabled.

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That’s a bizarre behavior. I’ll ask @Ilia why that happens. I can’t think of any reason to tie File Manager to web service.

I also cannot tell for sure without knowing more.

Possible solutions:

  1. Clearing cache in the right side slider (cog icon under Dashboard tab)
  2. Force reloading browser’s cache by hitting Ctrl+Shift+R
  3. Force reloading Webmin using /etc/webmin/restart-by-force-kill

But honestly I cannot think how it could be all related.

I have a new build and seeing this as well.

Could you please provide the screenshot displaying the problem?



If I tick it again the file manager returns.

I also see it. @Jamie it seem like a bug in a new chained feature mode.

Not sure if this is related, but I can’t turn SSL back on, this is a test machine so no biggy for me. I get this error
certificate and key do not match : Certificate data is not valid : Modulus=No modulus for this public key type
I tried requesting new certs and that went through fine but ssl server still wont start, producing the same error.
P.S. I will load again from the snapshot and see if it is.

@stefan1959 yes exactly same issue for me, need the solution please

I don’t see the connection between whether a website or SSL is enabled, and the file manager feature. The file manager should be visible all the time, and that’s what the current code does…

I know but its happening, the error only happens when the Apache website enabled is unticked and then ticked. I tested twice on a new install.

Oh, I see the bug here. We will fix it on the next Virtualmin release.

Thanks for the heads up!


@Ilia what was the fix?

@Jamie, here is the fix.

Any idea of when that will be?

Sorry, we cannot provide any ETA.