Wordpress install fails (HTTP code 429)

OS type and version UBUNTU 22.04
Webmin version
Virtualmin version 7.10.0
Related packages SUGGESTED

Good morning, i am not able to install Wordpress using Virtualmin and in the past i have done it hundreds of time.

Is this my server failing or virtualmin?

Error is as follows
Now installing WordPress version 6.4.3 …

wp core download failed` : Downloading WordPress 6.4.3 (en_US)… Error: Couldn’t access download URL (HTTP code 429).

Installation can be continued manually at https://mywebsite.com
More information on using this script can be found at http://wordpress.org/

… installation was only partially complete.

This is the first link that Google offered in its search results.

Hope it helps BTW it does not appear to be an issue with Virtualmin or your Virtualmin server.

Thank you, but i tried in 3 different and unrelated hosting providers, (US, Germany and Finland) and same error, unless Wordpress core download is down, the only commons denominator is that I am using virtual min to install.

I saw that Virtualmin went back to Version 6.4.3 and was on version 6.5 of wordpress.
I have the latest virtualmin installed and all the instances installed show 6.4.3

I just tried from the download site at home and my server. No problems either time.

Hmm… latest might be the key seeing your above post.

As far as I know, I’m up to date on all software. (system isn’t nagging me)

I even upgraded to pro and now i am shown an even lower version 6.4.1

I do not see the same menus that you have

I am using Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Maybe I cropped out too much context trying to hide the domain list?

The install scripts are automatically upgraded, usually within 24 hours. Though you could manually trigger scripts upgrade in Webmin ⇾ Webmin Configuration: Webmin Scheduled Functions page.

There is no difference between the GPL and Pro WordPress Install Script. Either will update to the latest version automatically within 24 hours as long as you haven’t disabled script updates (and don’t block those downloads with a firewall or whatever).

I’m getting this exact error as well. Were you able to find a solution?

Same here, glad to know I’m not the only one. I ran webmin script update as Ilia suggested but got the same error. Debian 12, up to date

This continues to not be a problem with Virtualmin.

Your system can’t download the version of the software you’re trying to install from the WordPress server(s). I don’t know why that would be.

Virtualmin did no such thing. The current version in our repos is 6.5.2.


Update your scripts as Ilia has suggested.

Hello This brought the version to the latest but still get
wp core download failed : Downloading WordPress 6.5.2 (en_US)… Error: Couldn’t access download URL (HTTP code 429).

I am using Contabo.com and Hetzner.com VPS and in both happen exactly the same. I have to mention that I have been using Virtualmin for 3 years, installed WP over 200 times using Virtualmin and it is the first time I experience this.

If It was failing in one company, I would certainly call tech support of that company but it is failing in Contabo and Hetzner at the same time and in all VPS’s (not just related to one IP or one server) it is hard to talk to the VPS tech support when the problem is so general and it is also found in other companies.

Also It is happening on fresh installs. I tried Ubuntu 22.04 and 20.04 with same results,

HI there,
I am experiencing the same problem. It started 1 week ago. I am operating with several servers w. CONTABO, Ubuntu 20.04, all upgraded to the latest version of Virtualmin. I tried several times and always get the same error:
wp core download failed` : Downloading WordPress 6.5.2 (en_US)… Error: Couldn’t access download URL (HTTP code 429).
Any suggestions or steps to take to solve this problem?
Thanks for sharing.

Are you using Hetzer or Contabo? or an European VPS ? i really cant figure out what could be causing this yet.

Just tried this on 2 european based VPS’s 1 GPL & the other PRO, both worked as expected, but error 429 is a remote server response meaning the wordpress download server is sending the response

You might also get a 429 error if a website is using up too many resources
on a shared hosting server or service. If, for example, more than 50 requests
are received from an IP address within one minute, the server will block that
IP for the next five minutes. 

have you been trying loads of times to download ?

no it is definitely not me. Well back to old school, manual install it is. It works well even if more time consuming.

I am also facing this issue:

wp core download failed` : Downloading WordPress 6.5.2 (en_US)… Error: Couldn’t access download URL (HTTP code 429).

I tried PHP versions 7.4, 8.2 and 8.3 the same errors happens, all scripts are up-to-date I am using Ubuntu 20.04

It appears that the shared hosting IP is being used by many users, all of whom are trying to download and install WordPress, leading to a limit being reached. I’ll look into possible solutions.

I can’t imagine what difference that could possibly make.

We use the wp command to perform the installation, which is not our code and it’s not our servers, I’m not sure what’s going wrong, but I think it’s out of our control.