Why is that virtualmin is very slow to work with Compare to other panels out there?

OS : Debian 10
Virtualmin Version : 6.17-3
Wbmin Version : 1.981
Authentic theme version : 19.83-2
Processor information AMD EPYC 7282 16-Core Processor, 4 cores
CPU load averages 0.33 (1 min) 0.22 (5 mins) 0.12 (15 mins)

Why is that Virtualmin is very slow? when working with this control panel it takes so much time to create a server, load files, navigate to sections, editing a file and even FTP transfers are extremely slow compare to all other control panels.

I have used other control panels such as aaPanel, ISPConfig, Vesta, in the same server same config they are super fast but only Virtualmin is extremely slow.

Is there a way to increase the performance? if I disable the Authentic theme whole page crashes so there is no other way to use this panel with a different theme as well.

Thank you

I did found a topic don’t know link now where Jamie Joe and Ilja discussed about cleaning up things for new version 7x.

There i did understand a lot is there while history needed old stuff and long support so bulkey.
They plan to make the whole thing cleaned up, and more to choose what yes or no is in it, so not anymore out of the box with every thing in it.

I a good roadmap i think. :wink:

And that is also sofware i did in the past short readings about for example ispconfig which is standard very basic, so not that bulkey.

Have some patience for new version or maybe ask TEAM to be part of testing new version but i don’t know if that is possible. :wink:

I hope you don’t use clamav as running… and some more of those .

Important to keep a eye on support OS and versions ALSO!

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No clue.

I run a Virtualmin server on an old 1st generation i7 @ 3.2 ghz with 32 gigs of RAM on Ubuntu 20.04 server and pretty much everything I do is instantaneous. Different pages of Virtualmin load as fast as a typical website page. To create a new virtual server takes about 4 to 6 seconds.

The only thing that takes any real time are the updates but that depends on how many updates there are at one time. Normally it’s about 15 to 20 seconds. But to be fair I have a lot running on that server (Plex and Discourse also run on it.)

Maybe it’s the load you’re running bogging you down or just your connection to your server slowing you down.


That doesn’t make sense. There is the Virtualmin Framed Theme which still works fine. But, Authentic is the recommended theme.

The dashboard is the only unnecessarily slow part of the GUI, in my experience. You can disable various features of the dashboard to make it faster, and it probably should be streamlined some by default…it provides a lot of information which takes time to gather. Everything in the dashboard was something somebody asked for, but it has a cost, and that cost is probably too high at this point. I’ll talk to @Ilia about cutting out some of the clutter in the dashboard with an eye toward making it snappier.

Some of the other things you’ve brought up don’t make sense, though.


Virtualmin is not an FTP server. The FTP server is ProFTPd and Virtualmin has no say in how fast or slow it is. If it is slow, it is because the network to your server is slow, or the server itself is slow. ProFTPd is among the most common FTP servers in hosting (which is why we picked it). Several other control panels also use it. So…FTP transfers being slow literally cannot be related to Virtualmin in any way.

What files? Where are you loading files? If you can be specific, I can test and see if something odd is going on, but I don’t know what this means.

Anyway, Virtualmin does more than most other control panels (Open Source or commercial), and that has a cost (both in performance and in how complex the UI is by necessity), and it’s been our goal to simplify. But, there’s always pushback from users who rely on the more flexible but complicated options.

But, I think in your case something else is going wrong. FTP being slow tells me something completely unrelated to Virtualmin is making it slow. I know you say it’s the same server config…but, something is different. Virtualmin being installed cannot possibly make ProFTPd slow.


ON Clean fresh OS installation all?

Same File system and settings for disk partioned and formated?

Are also important if you compare.

Also the encryption type / settings that is used and ciphers does matter.

Memmory usage… , yes no active virusscan or other security stuff is often also different in CP’s

Further there are a lot of possible speed testers, where you can compare site speed and up and download speed, that should normally be the same for extra same things / configs otherwise then some thing is not the same as versions of aplications or mysql php whatever used.

ONe possible thing for diferences in speed however could be that other CP are using newer version of mysql / mariadb or php then the OS package Virtualmin is using and if Applications have some optimisasons for those newer faster stuff then YUP.
However search Forum and warning to stay at OS package, form JOE :wink:

I am. myself… hihi only doing some tryouts with a box, then you can do experimental things yourself beside of OS packages, but for production you have to know how to get out if something goes wrong, while getting support from someone i don’t think…
IT CAN HURT your bussines…

OYEA i don’t use that old “not so safe” basic FTP file transfer ofcourse. :wink:
If you do , then search the the web how …

EDIT only guessing, try NVME disks if you don’t have them already and enough MEM, also at some hosters if you are a to haevy user then they set your network port on lower speed!

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Why is that Virtualmin is very slow? when working with this control panel it takes so much time to create a server, load files, navigate to sections, editing a file and even FTP transfers are extremely slow compare to all other control panels.

I usually ran Virtualmin on local, less powerful virtual machines (under Ryzen 5900x) and it works ridiculously fast and well. Even those virtual machines we get from hosting providers like Vultr and Scaleway, with virtual CPUs and low RAM are working alright. Not as fast as on the bare metal but it never gets down to irritatingly slow or inconvenient level.

I have used other control panels such as aaPanel, ISPConfig, Vesta, in the same server same config they are super fast but only Virtualmin is extremely slow.

As you later mentioned that even FTP is very slow for you, apparently you have some other issues with a setup any/or hardware, which are completely unrelated to Virtualmin.

What is the browser that you’re using?

if I disable the Authentic theme whole page crashes so there is no other way to use this panel with a different theme as well.

Authentic Theme nowadays is not slower than old Virtualmin Framed Theme, perhaps even faster.

In fact, there is nothing that Authentic theme does there on its own, except Stats History graphs. All the rest is coming from Webmin and its modules.


Hello all
Thank you all for your input and i read all. I’m not complaining about Virtualmin I’ve been using Virtualmin since day one and I still use it on my production server. 10+ years with Virtualmin and not planning on changing.

Like you mention Virtualmin has so many features and security and yes I agree those features take time to read n load compare to other panels having less features.

Ok @anthonyinit2012 take care of that ftp if it is realy slow, that for example you provider is not slowing down speed for some reason or real other problems.

But my advice is to use other as the sftp as a minimum for example.
And check memory and the possible yes or no nvme disks, if not ssd then…

Your file format and how disks are partioned and formatted then, depending on kind of use.

The encryption tech/conf on server and clients side

Don’t know if you need / use for example “live active running” clamav for file scanning.

Optimise things as cache, php mariadb/mysql and so if real slow should bring… , bad or overdone adons from CMS

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I did see a few posts about the FTP issues. first, I will go through each and every topic and see if I can troubleshoot this issue.

FYI I’m using Contabo VPS :grimacing:

Again thank you all for the lovely input.


File Manager and navigating and opening directories, files


Brave Browser

Thank you :slight_smile:

@anthonyinit2012 Yes that is maybe the case look and read their policies they slow down network traffic outbound inbound if used to heavy kind of fair use policy with their prices they have to.!
100 Mbit/s is guaranteed… :wink:
Frequently Asked Questions | Contabo

And also you can choose there nvme, memory is not always 100 % … dedicated…

Filemanager i agree that is one that could seems slow against other…

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I use virtualmin because its quick, nice and easy to use

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If your server is generally slow, chances are you’re running in a VPS on a physical host which has been massively oversold. You should be doing more detailed system performance analysis to work out what the roof cause of your poor performance is. Have you even checked basic things like your iowait percentage, memory, swap and disk statistics during normal usage?

More detailed info about your hosting provider and the package you’re using from the server provider would be generally useful. If the specification of your server is a hardware dedicated server, you may have some significant underlying issue with the OS deployment.

Be careful if you do too many system benchmarking in a short space of time. I recently set up a new VPS with a provider as a development and backup server; my standard set of tests triggered their ‘new customer’ anti-abuse protections and capped network performance down to about 30% of what it should be.

Fortunately for me their tech support was excellent and resolved it as soon as I contacted them. But if you did loads of CPU or network benchmarks shortly after the server was provisioned, you might also be suffering from VPS resource throttling.

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Thank you for the advice :slight_smile: I don’t think my server is over-sold cuz I don’t see any changes in my network and performances everything is great but sometimes I feel like something is not right with the network speed I’m not sure if they are slow down the network without me knowing. recently #Contabo sales spike and they expand their network bigtym.

All said this is about Virtualmin and I can’t complain about the server because other panels work extremely fast compare to Virtualmin and I believe Virtualmin comes packed with full of goods compared to other panels they have mostly basic features.

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I’ve had issues in the past to some of my VPS providers, particularly one in Italy - I suffer from poor routing between my ISP and the provider, though speeds from the VPS provider to the internet are generally fine. I just have to tolerate it because it’s not an important VPS.

I saw Contabo VPS Review | VPSBenchmarks , which indicates variable performance in recent benchmarks submitted by users. Have you run any benchmarks on your VPS recently or done some iperf tests to fast public servers?

Also useful to know how much RAM your VPS has, what services you are running aside from Virtualmin and how busy is the server?

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Problem is running benchmarks at contabo is kind of dangerous while they have a kind of fair use and also (automatic) abuse policy.

Where if you have new VPS and you do benchmarking early after getting it up it could be throttled because it could be seen as abuse by the monitor/audit scripts.

So better don’t do benchmarking programms, or give them a notion upfront maybe then it is no problem.

You all have to do some reading their policies about network traffic are clear, and if you go over then the do set the vps on low er network speed as i trie dto explain above. ( form 400/300 to 100 then) is only one example.

That is ok if you compare the rest thier prices and competition i guess, and yes overselling can happen at every not dedicated vps at every hoster, if a few custommers have succes with websites… :wink: ( or worse are hacked or under ddos)

OYEA automatic kind of DDOS there at contabo… could

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Everything is ok with Contabo you get good amount of Disk space, Ram, Cores. Only downside is their network limiting this is not a good thing…

I’ve been with them for over 10+Years and i never had any issues with network until recent changes of their fair usage policy or this limiting thing.

I believe that is why my virtualmin suffers with speed issues

Not sure why yours will be so slow. I have in the past used virtualmin on 2-4 cores, 2-4GB RAM and havent felt it to be slow compared to others. Agree that some panels with less features may load quicker but it is what it is. In fact, personally I would want more features and options so happy with the bloated system grin. Gomez_Adams reply is excellent and accurate. Reading between the lines, perhaps what you have is a config issue, including routing/host/dns.

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Yea i will need to look into all the config, routing, etc…

Overselling or total network use also other custommers of them. ( when they drop the speeds to 100 that is according their policies, so no overselling though )

Then you can get speed down to 100 instead of the 300 or 400 that is normal for their system and policy

For some network and routing you can check with mtr or winmtr that is safe to do. :wink: for longer times let that run then

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