When will Debian 11 be supported?

When will there be A grade support for Bullseye?


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We don’t pre-announce because it’s impossible to know how long it’ll take until it’s done. It’s not expected to be a big deal to support Debian 11, but there are always things that come up during testing that can make it take longer…it almost always needs some Webmin updates, etc.

This one is confounded by coinciding almost exactly with our work on Virtualmin 7. So, probably going to push it out until 7 arrives. It takes so long to do all of the work for setting up repos, metapackages, testing install.sh and virtualmin-config, etc. for a new OS version, doing it twice (once for Virtualmin 6 installer, and then two weeks later for the Virtualmin 7 installer) would end up taking way too much time.


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