What is the best cloudmin OS? And What is the best way to run cloudmin?

OS type and version REQUIRED
Webmin version REQUIRED
Cloudmin version REQUIRED

I am seriously thinking about reworking my server from VMin to CMin I just have a wild hair and think it would be worth learning how to do at this point.

I haven’t used virtualization stuff other than emulators I guess technically and I may have run some instances of systems just to try things out.

So technically speaking I am a newb to Virtualization.

I am curious on the setups you guys are running are you running XEN or Docker or other.

I think of things like backups making them easy would be excellent for sure I did bare metal backups of virtualmin for the longest time then my hard drive failed upon transfer there is the hardware id issue and technically a headache to try to get use of my upgraded space without screwing something up or having it not run.

The other thing I think of is functionality though from a functional standpoint which method is best ?

Also from a security standpoint if XEN is what most Virtual stuff uses isn’t this then full of security issues that have been being targeted essentially as of late?

Finally another critical aspect is what is the ordering of OS’s that work the best with Cloudmin installations which ones are terrible for cloudmin and which ones are best and why?

Thank You In Advance!

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