WeBuilder 2022 Released -- Free Upgrade from 2020

Basically the title. If you have a licensed version of WeBuilder 2020, you should get an email from Karlis about WeBuilder 2022, and instructions to obtain a free license for the new version. I did the upgrade, and it was painless, preserving all of the accounts, plug-ins, and so forth from the old to the new.

WeBuilder is basically the RapidPHP IDE with additional language support. It’s my favorite IDE and the only reason I haven’t switched to Mac or Linux as my DD.

Neither RapidPHP nor WeBuilder are WYSIWYG, so don’t bother with them if that’s what you need. It’s just a trouble-free IDE that I started using when Adobe went subscription-only, and have been using ever since.


hi I will stick with geany :wink:

As we say in Little Italy, Sau-zeech his own.


Please read the forum guidelines, both of you:

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“Don’t be mean. Treat people with respect. We’ll give you a warning if you step over the line, but only once.”

Third party news is the appropriate place for this kind of thing, @unborn, if you don’t want to read it, you can ignore this category.

@RJM_Web_Design, please let us handle it, don’t insult people.


@RJM_Web_Design my apologies - but I still insist to stop spamming. @Joe said it perfectly for me, I will ignore this part of the forum, which I did not know I could do. I am sorry and I learned my lesson. Thanks.

Spamming implies some financial interest in the product. I have none. Karlis Blumentals owns the company, not me. I’m just a paying user.

I’m not sure what your issue with paid software is, but I don’t share it. I use whatever makes my job easier; and if someone makes money helping me to make money, I have no issue with that.

My apologies, as well.


It’s absolutely fine in Third Party News, whether it is commercial or otherwise, as long as it is somehow related to Virtualmin. While we wouldn’t want every web related thing being posted here (I would remove crap like SEO ads or anything else I find distasteful and spammy), a PHP IDE is reasonable, especially if you’re using it alongside your Virtualmin environment.

We have the “flag” button for users to complain about spam. If we consider it spam, we’ll remove it and either ban or talk to the user (depending on how egregiously spammy it is)…no fuss, no arguments necessary. The same flag button can be used for abusive behavior without having to respond in kind.

This isn’t a free speech zone. It’s a helpful speech zone. There are plenty of other places on the internet to argue.


@Joe understood. thanks.

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