Webmin/Virtualmin Login in Secure layer (SSL)

OS type and version: Ubuntu Linux 20.04.2
Webmin version: Webmin version 1.973
Virtualmin version: Virtualmin version 6.16
Related products version: DNS configuration

I have webmin and virtuall min which is perfect and my domain contain Letsenqrypt ssl and there is no isue but the login page with port 10000 still not secure, I searched in forum and found old documents with open ssl !
I’m runing ssl on my server but need use that for login and all url entire sever ,
Would some specialist tell me how can active and secure my panel?

What do you mean by “it is not secure”? Certificate error? No answer on https: but it does answer on http:? We can’t help without basic facts about the problem.

SSL is enabled, by default, when you install Virtualmin using the install.sh. You will get a self-signed certificate error in your browser until you have functioning DNS (somewhere; doesn’t matter if it’s hosted by Virtualmin or somewhere else) and a certificate installed (that is expected and documented). Since you’ve had a lot of DNS problems in the past, I tend to want to point there first.

SSL does not work for IPs. You can’t get a cert for an IP address. It has to be a name. And, for Let’s Encrypt to be able to validate a name, DNS has to be right for that name (the name you’re requesting a cert for resolves to the right host). And that’s the name you must use to connect to the server for your browser to accept the certificate as being valid.

I mean this :

My dns problem was solved with new installation of the Webmin

  1. Create a virtual server with a domain/subdomain ( e.g. dashboard.example.com ) you want to login to Virtualmin with.

  2. Select the newly created virtual server from the Virtualmin dashboard dropdown and request a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for that virtual server via Server Configuration > SSL Certificate.

  3. Assuming the certificate request was successful, on that same SSL Certificate page, navigate to the Service Certificates tab and make sure Webmin domain certificate enabled? is set to “Yes”.

You should now be able to securely access Virtualmin via https://dashboard.example.com:10000 without seeing an error in your browser.

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Thanks to reply and shared your Gold knowledge, It was grate.
I need to add ssl only for IP address not to domain , because the domain contain the ssl and I’m only how have responsible for my website so I don’t need any account for each domain and host.
I’m not sure if it was clear…

Kindly refer to what @Joe said:

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Fine , for the ip of webmin / virtualmin can I set domain and get certificate ssl for this domain?
I mean what was you said before is solving my problem and what I’m looking for ? Because I did not test it yet.

Just use a subdomain if you don’t want to use your main domain name. The above steps I provided above applies to subdomains as well.

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