Connection not secure, SSL works on port 10000, but not otherwise

OS type and version No clue
Virtualmin version Latest


You need to change the APP_PATH in your /includes/config.php script to ‘ (https) instead of ‘‘.

Same issue as this person:
SSL issue - This site can’t provide a secure connection

Opposite of Webmin/Virtualmin Login in Secure layer (SSL)

I installed Sendy on a subdomain using these instructions:

Not secure:

Editing the apache server config, per How to Install Sendy on AWS EC2 Instance with SSL - step 7, did not work.

I tried the rewrite commands here: SSL Certificate and Browser still shows Unsecured - #7 by DrCarsonBeckett to no avail.
The https://sub.%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301] one screwed things up more till I removed it and reopened my browser.

I checked
SSL Connection - Pass
Mixed Content - Errors - many “Hard Failure” and “Form Failure”.

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