Webmin Server Stauts

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 22.04.4
Webmin version 2.111
Usermin version 2.010
Theme version 21.10
Package updates 2 package updates are available

following on from here
I have the status options set like this

The dashboard looks like this

As you can see I click the dashboard tab (arrowed green) and following your instructions from months ago I have been clicking the icon arrowed in red, which I what you told me to do. No matter how many times I click the icon nothing changes, is this the correct thing to do ? If I now install the virtualmin module the server status appears and remove the virtualmin module and the status disappears

Have you cleared cache

Yes I have done that many times doesn’t do anything, its odd though when the virtualmin module is installed they appear, that said in some cases I don’t want virtualmin installed so looks like no server status for me

Is this from a clean install?
I see you logged in as jim, is root login the same.

yes I have do the install on 6 different OS on 6 different machines always the same result. installation is done by following Downloading and Installing | Webmin

so a bit further on if you apply the above mentioned settings to a virtualmin installed system (you used virtualmin-install.sh) the result is different, you get an extra accordion system monitors

on a webmin only system nothing changes on the dashboard

  1. Normal Virtualmin install everything works
  2. Webmin only install nothing works
  3. Webmin with the virtualmin module installed Server status is displayed, System Monitors is not

The problem is that for this feature to work you need to enable Scheduled Monitoring in Tools ⇾ System and Server Status page.

@Jamie, is this intentional to have it disabled by default?

Ok did that

  1. Webmin only system still no System monitors or Server Status accordions
  2. Webmin with virtualmin module installed Server Status accordion only
  3. Virtualmin full install everything still works as expected

You need to wait a little bit until the scheduled function kicks in.

Actually, after taking a closer look, it appears that the default scheduled collect info isn’t enabled by default, even though it shows as enabled in Webmin ⇾ Webmin Configuration: Background Status Collection. For all this to work now, you need to toggle the Collect system status in background? option.

@Jamie, this is clearly a bug!

That nearly works

  1. webmin only System Monitors accordion shows but the Server Status accordion does not
  2. webmin with the virtualmin modules now shows both accordion
  3. virtualmin full install no change

all that’s missing is the ability to ‘switch on’ the Server Status accordion in a webmin only installation without having System Monitors enabled.
on one server this happened

notice no ticks or crosses for the status of the server and for some reason you get this when you try to set the schedule

this is stuck in an endless loop for some reason

Tried it on my Webmin only server and same results as you, nothing…

My guess is server status is only available if you have virtualmin installed but toggling server collect status in the background does show the status monitor accordion on ‘pure’ webmin installations

I’ve already explained why it doesn’t work in this comment. There is no Cron job set up for this feature to work.

You need to work out if the poster is talking about the system monitor accordion or server status accordion as I pointed out earlier the server status accordion does not show up on ‘pure’ webmin

I got it! Mine was set to 5 minutes default. so after 5 minutes the System Monitors showed up.

Perhaps this could be a feature request for Webmin only? Would be great to see this module.

Then perhaps you would not need the status monitor accordion as most cases are covered in the server status accordion… but I guess this is a mute point

I did wonder if the two could be combined.

They do serve 2 slightly different purposes but some form of amalgamation of the 2 may work

Yes, we intentionally don’t turn this on by default because not all users want it. But it should be enabled in all Virtualmin installs.