Webmin browser gui does not work on small screens

Debian 10 with backports
webmin v2.105
windows 11 with edge browser

the web screens presented on small laptop screens, like 14", do not work. it is impossible to scroll and select a topic from either of the side fly-in menus; as soon as the cursor is moved, the fly-in re docks.

Post a screenshot may help staff, is it the same on firefox or chrome?

Smaller screens this will happen especially if you are not on full screen.

Make sure you didn’t click the pin unpin button
pin unpin

Make sure your screen is fully maximized by default if the screen is not maximized it will not allow the menu to show. This is a feature not a bug it is in case people are trying to manage things from phones or tablets. It is not practical to have a large menu because the rest of the page will become unreadable as all the text wraps around.

You could try to disable webgl but I think that was for a terminal based only issue not sure but there is an option to do it by the terminal.

Also make sure your DPI settings are not too high or magnification or text size etc…

Hope this helps!

You Webmin version in the screenshot seems to be completely outdated! The latest Webmin version is 2.105. Please make sure to have it installed!

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It was a screenshot from on the web No dice problem still stands with terminal :wink: I use the latest 2.105.

But he brings up a good point make sure you have the latest version should have just cropped that image real quick to show the buttons. I suppose …

The screenshot you shared represents the ancient versions! This is not Webmin 2.105 and Authentic Theme 21.09.5!

Are you sure its that old it don’t look that old… :wink:

I don’t understand the nature of our conversation!

It is open to interpretation no matter how I tell you I can assure you its with good intentions but whether it lands there or seems good it is always open to interpretation.

Yeah originally I thought you were possibly proposing a relational observation to the old version as in I was using it and shouldn’t be and was the reason the terminal was bad it was a bad interpretation. As I said it was just the first screen shot I found on the web.

But to be honest I was just joking about stating that I basically updated it.

It isn’t opened to any kind of interpretations! :slightly_smiling_face: Because the screenshot you provided before was from the old versions of Webmin and Authentic Theme. Could you share dashboard screenshot?

With good intentions

All good then!

Attached is the screenshot I think was requested.

He asked for a screenshot of the dashboard not the webmin configuration panel.

Two different things he normally doesn’t waste time and mince words so if I had to guess he got what he asked for although it is a possibility I’d say likely not. When you read his comment again what do you think?

But maybe you are right if so I will need a translation device to understand the silent cues you are picking up on :grin:

If you look at the first picture on that page it shows what the dashboard is. So for me to take it any other way would be an incorrect interpretation. Dashboard == Dashboard wouldn’t you say after reading it again?

Did you figure out your problem though?

There are settings you can try to modify if you click the button that looks like a paint tray the theme configurations button that may help as well.

Do you mean that you click on the the hamburger button to open the menu, and the menu opens but the moment you hover your cursor over it, it closes?

Also, do you have enabled Auto open closed panels on proximity enabled in Theme Configuration: Navigation menu page?

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