Webmin access so slow it is unusable

OS type and version Centos7 and Ubuntu 20
Virtualmin version latest

Still trying to figure this one out and its driving me nuts.
I have 2 servers, one Ubuntu and one Centos. One is a Linode shared server the other is running on its own IP from my home. Both have the latest webmen/virtualmin setups.

I asked this same question on the Authentic Theme group:

The connections to webmin work fine when I am not using a VPN. As soon as I go through my VPN to the server the connection slows to a crawl. With Authentic Theme my connection usually times out or may finally display after an hour or so. By switching to the old Virtualmin gray theme I can make a connection and actually use the webmin connection (although it is still very slow.) For my Linode server I could just ignore my VPN and everything will be fine but my home server has a NAT hairpin? issue that makes it so I can only get to that server if I use a VPN. The actual sites on that server do not suffer from the VPN slowdown, only the Webmin server.
I get 2 IPs from my ISP at my home. My server uses one of those and my home network uses the other. From my home laptop (IP 1) I can not access the server (IP 2) unless I go through a VPN. I have not been able to figure this out but have been told that it has something to do with a NAT hairpin turn that the particular modem cannot handle. I therefore need Webmin to be accessible going through a VPN. At the moment that does not appear to work well.
If this was only happening on my local server I would assume it is a local issue but since it does not work with my 2nd server which is not on my home system there has to be another problem. I just can’t figure out what it is.
Any suggestion on how to solve this?

Just signed up to a new (Free version) VPN and tested the sites again. No problem accessing Webmin through the new VPN. Obviously the issue is with my VPN provider. Guess I’ll be going back to them for a either a fix or dropping them for a new provider.
Not sure what the issue is. I contacted them months ago when I first noticed the problem. They don’t seem to know.

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