Webmin 1.955 released

Howdy all,

I’ve rolled Webmin version 1.955.

Changes since 1.954:

  • More bugfixes (Dovecot config file parsing and writing bugs, specifically)
  • Theme updated to latest version

Please note if you have a broken Dovecot config file, you’ll need to correct the syntax manually (one time). That includes making sure all local_name sections have a closing } bracket, any repeated options are removed, and all ssl_ca lines are removed. After fixing your config file so it parses properly, the new Webmin will parse and write it correctly.

Not all systems have the Dovecot config problems, but if you do, please correct the config file manually and test LE updates before reporting that the problem isn’t fixed (some categories of the problem will be corrected automatically, but not all and not in all circumstances…the bugs in this area have varied through multiple Webmin versions, and multiple patches that attempted to resolve it, and it has resulted in a pretty wide variety of config file errors that can’t be parsed correctly).

Oh, also note the Dovecot fixes require version 6.12 of the virtual-server module, also released tonight.




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