webmail.${DOM} does not work, however admin.${DOM} does


So yeah… Fresh install of GPL on Debian 10.

Didn’t change a bit when it comes to these special redirect settings so it should work out of the box. The redirection of admin works like a charm, webmail not. Even if I use IP:20000 it does not work.

Any ideas where to look at, guys?

Does the following command throw an error?

sudo service usermin restart

Perhaps your ISP blocks port 20000?
Some ISPs block “strange” ports, and if you’re behind some corporate firewall they may have some policies in place.
From my work laptop I can’t access either port 10000 or 20000. Heck, I can’t even access roundcube on on regular 443 because the URL has webmail in it :man_facepalming:t2:

It was the damn ISP!

Weird cause both 10000 and 20000 ports are in higher range (1025+) so they should be treated equally.

Ohh well SSH tunnel is the solution to map that 20000 to 443

This might be a quicker way to solve the problem

You will have to apply this proxy idea to port 20000 and use it on a domain / subdomain that you have already created as a virtual server.

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