VirtualMin Pro Server went down in power outage website no longer displays

OS type and version DEB10
Virtualmin version 7.7pro

Tree took down power pole lost power for 8 hours IP changed. Changed IP in records files. Main server website landing page shows virtual server 1 but my important website for my business went down.

Upon checking things out I seen under bind there were errors. So I looked at the configuration and there was a “+” randomly added in front of my ttl first line on my zone config file. Oddity right so I thought well chit ok no errors no bind errors in the logs nothing that would suggest my website shouldn’t work but guess what webpage does not display talk about nuts. A simple power outage I am fairly sure I have all external IP’s changed etc… It is griping about my MX record but I need those there as well as local mail because I use a contact form so I still need local mail delivery and a box for it to go to.

First of all, was the server itself power-protected?

This problem could be due to file or filesystem corruption, or it could be due to other problems having to do with the IP address change. You’ll want to rule out the former before making dents in the wall with your head over the latter.

If the problem does have to do with the IP addresses, then is there a DynDNS service involved somewhere?

How are you pointing traffic to the server? You mention BIND, so I’m assuming that you’re running your own nameserver(s), which means it/they are registered at the registrar for the hostname domain. Has that been updated?


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Well to be honest my power is never out beyond a few hours so I have enough battery backup that my IP always stays the same and the Internet never disconnects this is the first time sense the 3 years I’ve had the server that my fiber disconnected I am already in the works adding a 28 hours worth of battery power but just waiting for some cable and waiting for a power adapter etc so I can go direct DC via a lithium 7AH lithium battery for my internet appliance.

I do have NOIP but no issues with that hrmmm… Well now that I think of it as I’m typing I think I forgot to set my glue records. SHEESH!

Thank you sir always a pleasure sometimes its the dumb little small stuff we don’t think of you mentioned something that jogged my memory. The only reason my webserver was showing up was because I have it set in my hosts file for the PC I’m on :wink:

I do have another question about VirtualMin but I’ll have to make a new post for that I’m curious if anyone has ran it on a PROXMOX setup or something similar the bare metal backups are a pain in the arse with clonezilla and a flash drive I’d prefer just to backup a VM and seeing as how I’ll be updating the processor soon to an 8 core 16 thread I figure and quadrupling the ram to 64GB I figure I could get a few VM’s out of it. I was looking into the other vritualmin that works like this but last I read it wasn’t being supported and people were pissing and moaning about it being non functional and not being supported and so on well anyways thanks again should’ve had a V8!

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Would it be possible for you to get a static IP?

Absolutely but its best to have stuff like this happen to keep you sharp anyways imho it isn’t like its a menial task I must complete every day either mind you this is the first time in the last 3 years my IP has changed hehe I would’ve thought of it some time ago! If I’m worried about IP changes I can use my NOIP but nope not worried really just a brain fart. I changed everything or so I thought right and proper but left out one thing the main server’s Glue Records DOH!

It will be harder next time :slight_smile:

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