Virtualmin plugin for cloning Wordpress

I’m looking for offers to create a plugin which takes a Wordpress site on domain A and creates a copy on domain B, with its own database of course.

It shouldn’t be too hard with wp-cli. Adjust wp-config.php, then wp search-replace domain and paths, flush cache at the end.

The way I see it from the user side: in Virtualmin under Administration Options there’s a new option called Clone Wordpress. User clicks it, types new domain name, clicks Clone button, that’s it. The plugin handles the rest - creates a new Virtual Server, copies files and DB, runs wp-cli. If the website is not Wordpress, there’s some kind of warning message instead.

As you have the idea why not code some script then if your using vmin pro just add a link to it via the vmin->system customization->custom links

It’s been around forever. It’s called the ‘All in One Migration Tool’. You install the plugin on the existing site, export the site, install the plugin on the new site, upload that site and it restores it.

That integrates into the vmin menus cool

I don’t have Pro (yet - just gathering data to migrate a client from cPanel now) so I didn’t know it’s a thing. Do you have to know Perl? I know several programming languages but am not very interested in learning Perl.

lol and this way in just 25 steps you can clone a website. I know how to clone it manually, I want to automate the process.

No I do code in mysql, php and sourcepawn never bothered with perl

It’s literally two clicks each way. Two clicks to back it up and download it and two clicks to upload it and restore it.

But whatever.

Okay I was too harsh, sorry. This is for an user who needs everything to be simpler than what you’re suggesting. You need to create the site, log into old one, log into new one, install the plugin on both sides etc. - lots of steps and he’s capable of getting every of them wrong.

How on earth does that person survive? Seriously.

If they run a Wordpress site, clearly they understand how to install a plugin. That’s all it is. Install a plugin, two clicks. Go to other site, install a plugin, two clicks.

It does not get and will not get any easier than that. If they can’t handle that, then God help them.

It does. Installatron for cPanel does it easier, that’s what they’re using now. You click “clone” and select target website, that’s it. There’s Installatron for Virtualmin too but I will be very happy to drop this software when we’re moving.

First off, Installatron requires the same 4 to 6 clicks that the plugin would require.

Secondly, If they’re using CPanel and already have a solution, why are you asking about it on a Virtualmin forum?

Never mind. Forget I asked. I’m done.

I want to move the client to Virtualmin and have the same or better ease of use? Tough community here…

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And you were told exactly how to do that. Even a layman should be able to do it in no more than 5 minutes. Tops. It’s extraordinarily easy.

The only other way you’re going to do it is to do backup and restores out of Cpanel into Virtualmin and that is MUCH more involved. It actually takes a bit of brains to do it without messing it up.

The Wordpress migrate tool is, to this day, the easiest full proof way to move a Wordpress site from one place to the other using varying control panels. There is nothing else on earth right now that will do it any easier. There probably never will be.

@Gomez_Adams This is a job offer post and you’re talking about something completely different than what I need done. I’m going to stop replying to you now.

If someone is up to implement cloning WP as a proper plugin, the offer is still open, otherwise I’ll write the code myself as per jimr1’s suggestion.

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You can also use the free Duplicator plugin for Wordpress.

I have used it a lot.

Install on the original WP, create the backup file and installer,.
Create the new domain on Vmin, copy the 2 files - either with FTP or the admin.domain file manager, then run the installer by accessing the new website.

No need to pre-install wordpress.

is no one reading this correctly ? @servertech want’s a virtualmin plugin and not some wordpress method of duplication … I guess this is why this thread is in the jobs section & not any other section, it’s good suggesting the wordpress way of doing things but that does not integrate into virtualmin system which is what is required

It could be done so easily, just might take a couple of extra clicks.

  1. Create new domain on new server.
  2. Make a backup with duplicator.
  3. Copy backup to new server.
  4. Log into new website and run the installer. While doing that you can change the URL etc to match the new domain.
    You can also buy Pro which claims to migrate.

No need to even install Wordpress on the new site!

Or you can pay to reinvent the wheel for however much.

for whatever reasons the op wants a plugin … I would have coded it, if I had learnt perl, and the languages I know do not integrate into the virtualmin eco system. The problem here is @servertech does not trust the ability of his users to do this but in the long run it may be worth him doing the dups for his clients as at least it will be done correctly I guess

iirc (but not sure…), cpanel doesn’t do that, softaculous does… so maybe another way, is to see if softaculous can be integrated in virtualmin (same way it does in cpanel)…

I could write you a shell script for this. But not a Virtualmin plugin,

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