Virtualmin plugin for cloning Wordpress

Sadly prevalent on forums. The assumption that you aren’t capable enough to know what you want or why you want it.

Hello @servertech,

In the context of, we created a Virtualmin plugin in Perl that leverages PHP code to do various operations: install, clone, update, upgrade, reset password, etc. It is a proper Virtualmin plugin so it is aware of its environment (ex.: get database info, know about Virtual Server vs Sub-server, uses Virtualmin’s permission system, etc.)

We use it a lot as part of the development process. So we can have some production sites on server A, and automate a clone and upgrade to server B. offers dozens of commands and options, and we expose the most used ones in the GUI.

Here is a video:

And source code (all Open Source):

Given Tiki is a PHP app like WordPress, adding support would be doable. This code can be a starting point. And then replace Tiki Manager CLI with a similar tool in WordPress. Or add WordPress support to Tiki Manager. FYI, we are working on creating or improving other Virtualmin plugins: Syncthing, Manticore, and likely others.

Let’s discuss offline.



I can write you bash script to do all you need if you are interested however it’s limited to files and databases no dns and other custom settings. It’s like backup on steroids. When run on new server to restore it will ask for database and domain name etc… this need human out put. Let me know. Thanks

Thank you but I can write a bash script myself, I needed GUI.

I had a talk with my client and we decided not to migrate his server to Virtualmin after all, the only offer I got for doing the job was at a ridiculously high price. I started hacking on the virtualmin-tiki-manager plugin and got quite far but I just don’t have the energy to maintain another project myself.

I’ll keep using Virtualmin for simple hosting (works great since ~2014 on another server!) and will have to continue living with cPanel for more advanced tasks.

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@Gomez_Adams it’s OK to just step out of a conversation that isn’t interesting for you. In fact, if you’re finding it hard to remain friendly and helpful, I’d rather you do just that (which is advice that I should follow more often, too).

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking for a plugin to do specialized tasks, even tasks that are easy for technical users.


This is in my closest to-dos. I will try to make it ready for Virtualmin 7.8!

It’s a high time for us to to provide a better WordPress integration.

Can you be specific which features else are missing in Virtualmin that you find helpful in cPanel?

you can do this with a wordpress plugin. eg all in one wp migration.

Well, we’re talking about what makes it easier for the users. I start to realize that what some call easy, is obscure and just impossible to do for others.

We will implement our own WordPress ToolKit.


Replying to a post I made 28 days ago telling me to “step out of the conversation”? Seriously? Somebody piss in your Corn Flakes this morning?

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And him jumping on me to “leave a conversation” that I left a freaking MONTH AGO isn’t? It’s HE that owes ME an apology. Not the other way around.

And him jumping on me to “leave a conversation” that I left a freaking MONTH AGO isn’t? It’s HE that owes ME an apology. Not the other way around.

Yes, really and here is why. To be clear, what I’m saying has nothing to do with you personally! If one person screws up in any way (for whatever reason), it doesn’t matter who, the other should have enough discipline and patient to steer the discussion into the right direction, instead of making more mess.

Please remember the ultimate goal of this forum and don’t get distracted. There can be no ego in the way. We have common goals – pursue them. That’s all that simple.

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I found the points of this discussion very interesting.
I see that the goal of improving Virtualmin goes through several nuances. I, for example, without having a specific need, subscribe to the Pro version because I want to help all developers to have their precious time paid. I see more, that the expansion of marketing disclosures will attract more paying users. As an entrepreneur, I see that gratuity prevents the generation of resources for the expansion of this excellent Control Panel. Who knows if in the future the developers will think of adapting to the beginning and knowledge of future users, that the free version has the same current scripts but, that only allows the installation of an application (VM). SO THE DEVELOPMENT OF PLUGINS AND OTHER ADD-ONS COULD BE ABSORBED IN A NORMAL WAY. Forgive me for bothering those who use Virtualmin more heavily for free. This opinion aims to ensure and feed all its excellent structure.

@Gomez_Adams and @Ilia Both of y’all stop taking over this topic, please.

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