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I have been using the beta installer for a few months now … I call it “beta” as per the corresponding thread in the “New” category, @Joe had a few words about this version being “beta” here:

I searched the forum to see if there was any announcements about the installer being now “stable” and couldn’t find any, so I was wondering if there was now a “stable” version and if using the link mentioned in the first post of the same thread here was still ok :

Thanks !


The installer will likely maintain the “beta” label for a period until reports of bugs that occassionally come up start to become a bit more distant. That is, while it is considered pretty stable at this time, maintaining the “beta” label indicates that there could be a few quirks found for specific installations and/or a few features that are still either being worked out (likely not critical) or refined.

In summary, the “beta” installer is meant for newer distros such as Ubuntu 22.04, Rocky Linux, etc. which are otherwise not supported by the “stable” installer.

I hope this clarifies things enough.

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Hello Pierre,

That is a great question.

The short answer is that has been with version 7.0.0 for a few days now. I presume an official announcement is forthcoming. I have tested with Debian 10 and 11, and all is well.

You can follow development here:

Specifically this file:

Please keep in mind that the install script is designed to run a fresh install.

Developers will also be interested in And also started recently offering the latest version (1.0.1)

Thanks for your answers both of you ! I’ll look forward to that announcement and keep that link handy for my next installations !

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