Virtualmin Install Failure on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS

OS type and version Ubuntu 24.04

Hi, many thanks for rolling out Virtualmin 7.4 for Ubuntu 24.04.

Sadly, it’s not working for me - I’m choosing a minimal install with the LEMP bundle for nginx, but it’s not installing nginx and fails at step 6 (of 17) .

I’m installing with ./ --minimal --bundle LEMP as root user (also tried as a sudo user, but still failed).

(Also tried ./ --bundle LEMP but still fails in the same place.)

This is a fresh install of Ubuntu 24.04, patched and up to date with the latest and only openssh installed (with SSH keys for auth). It’s running in a virtual machine on VMWare Workstation 17.5.1, with 8Gb RAM, 512Gb disk space and 4 64-bit Intel virtual processors.

I’ve uploaded the Virtualmin install log, in case that’s any use.

Many thanks
Alan (LeClerc)
virtualmin-install.log (219.6 KB)


Can you also provide an screenshot of an error?

Hi Ilia,

Thanks for the reply.

Please find attached screenshot from install (it stopped in exactly the same place). Installation run as root.

Also did a quick df to make sure I wasn’t in a partition with no space - looks like there’s plenty.


I don’t know if it’s any help, but I thought I’d try installing with just the --minimal switch (and therefore install the LAMP bundle).

That worked fine! But of course, I don’t want apache :slight_smile:

Screenshot below, ignore the external IP error, it doesn’t have one, it’s an isolated network.

This is probably fixed by Virtualmin-lemp-stack and virtualmin-lemp-stack-minimal version 7.0.6 released (don't install 7.0.5)

Er, wait, no it’s not. That’s a different issue. I saw “LEMP” and assumed.

I don’t know what’s up with that one.

Having just seen @Joe 's post, I thought I’d give it another go…and it has now worked!

I haven’t changed anything (it’s a single base snapshot to begin with, so the start point is always the same) and ran the same command (./ --minimal --bundle LEMP) and it has installed with no issue.

I’ll try it again just to be sure. :nerd_face:

[EDIT] This now working correctly! @Joe you’re a genius, thank you! :grinning: Very happy, I can now go off and test.

All today’s ongoing issues with the Ubuntu 24.04 installation have been sorted out.

There might still be some issues, though. Feel free to let us know if you find anything!

It seems that the call failed for some reason. We made some changes recently, so that might be the cause!

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