Virtualmin and Centos-8

hi - i apologize for bringing this issue up again, but i was hoping that Virtualmin would be supported on C8 by now.

is there any timeframe when this might happen?

i asked this same question last week here.

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I need to finish adding few more features on the theme side and @Jamie needs to fix few issues with netplan on Ubuntu 18 for Webmin. After that, I think, we would be ready to release Webmin 1.942. I cannot say exactly how long will it take but I think, new theme release will be ready, at max by the middle of the next week (February 5-6).


thanks - i am eagerly awaiting it!

if you want, i am happy to try installing 1.942 on both centos-8 and rh-8 as a test.

still hope it will be… :wink:

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