Centos 8 and virtualmin

hello -

any word on when virtualmin on centos-8 might be ready?

i had hoped after reading this that it was just a simple matter of two more commands:

dnf groupinfo “Development Tools”; #optional
dnf group install -y “Development Tools”;

but no such luck, so far.

is it just a matter of a few edits to the ./install.sh script ?

No, it’s not that simple, but it’s coming soon. We need a new Webmin release that works around a weird signal behavior on newer Perl or kernel versions (we don’t know which). I expect it to be done by the weekend.

ok thanks - i can do something else between now and then - can you please let me know on this forum question when its ready?

and thank you very much for Virtualmin/Webmin. i have used it for years now, my only complaint is never getting a Virtuamin/Webmin tee-shirt (yet).

EDIT: please let this serve as your inspiration:

You donated $100.00 USD to Virtualmin, Inc.

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Date: January 23, 2020
Transaction ID: 5HD59226P9817762J
Purpose: Virtualmin/Webmin Open Source
Donation to: Virtualmin, Inc.
Donation from: mark@XXXXXX.com
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VISA x-xxxx $100.00 USD


I’ll post a News item about it when it’s available (and tweet and post to the virtualmin-announce mailing list).

Unfortunately, I don’t even have any Webmin or Virtualmin shirts left for myself! We used to have a little money laying around for those kinds of promo things, and for participating in conferences where we’d give them away, but not so much for the past several years. It costs a couple thousand bucks to do a big enough run to get the cost down low enough per unit to give them away (and, even then, to get nice shirts from a reputable company it ends up being $3+ per shirt). And, the one time we tried to ship them (rather than just giving them away at conferences) it ended up being an expensive logistical nightmare. Maybe once we get all the new website bits completed we’ll see a big enough uptick in sales to justify that kind of thing again. Though, I live in an RV now, so I don’t have room for several boxes of T-shirts like I used to!

I tried doing a Tee Spring sale a couple years back, but we didn’t get enough buyers to cross the threshold for a print run even though Jamie and I were buying several for ourselves (Tee Spring is expensive, and international shipping was wildly expensive, so I think that scares folks off). But, maybe we’ll try that again sometime, or maybe there’s a lower priced alternative,

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thanks - and the donation was a thank-you for getting C-8 ready, not for the tee-shirt. i took a black magic marker and wrote out ‘Virtualmin’ on a white tee shirt, for now at least.


please let me know if you want me to run an install-test on rh-8 in addition to C-8 for you.

any update or time estimate on centos 8?