Virtual server specific php-fpm resource valules lost when changed php versions

see Virtual server specific php-fpm resource values lost when changing php versions

— where I mention the five php resource settings do not vary from php version to version. And since the same settings are available in all versions, I request that these five items become sticky settings, so they will carry over when the php version is changed for a specific virtual server.

at the moment I have to remember to either go look at and archive the xxxxx.conf file in php-fpm.d, or use the GUI to examine the five values and write them down, BEFORE changing to another php version where I have to manually put the values back in.

I must be getting old, or in a hurry, as I have been bit twice now in the last few years by changing php versions, mostly from 7.4 to 8.xx, and having a client then complain some website pages with php code are no longer working – because the increased resources are now missing :slight_smile:

in the virtual server config file /etc/webmin/virtual-server/domains/xxxxxxxxxxxx I see things like php_fpm_version and php_fpm_port – I would think adding the five resource values would go in there with appropriate new variable names.

is this something I should fork in github and try to do on my own, or is this a serious/major change and needs research and reflection upon ?

Well, this is in @Jamie’s todo to preserve PHP specific configuration on PHP version change.

Note, that it should be already possible to achieve this for all new virtual servers by using System Settings ⇾ Server Templates, as you could specify custom PHP-FPM settings there in a separate template.

glad to hear its on Jamie’s list :grinning:

And making a custom Server Template (or adjusting the default) is good to know, but most of my sites have unique custom settings.

Yes, this bug is being looked into …

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