Virtual server specific php-fpm resource values lost when changing php versions

VirtualMin 7.3-1

just starting to tinker with having multiple versions of php – using the REMI repo on my RedHat servers to accomplish this.

When I set custom values on the VirtualMin – <choose a server/domain> – Services – PHP-FPM Configuration – then display the Resource Limits panel, you can set five items

max memory
max file upload size
max input parsing time
max POST size
max execution time

and once I click SAVE, they end up in the xxxx.conf file as expected

php_admin_value[memory_limit] = 64M
php_admin_value[post_max_size] = 66M
php_admin_value[upload_max_filesize] = 65M
php_admin_value[max_input_time] = 29

Then I go to Server Configuration – PHP Options – where I can choose (on my test server) either php 7.3 or php 8.0. But by changing versions, all of those five custom values above are lost !!

Am I doing something wrong?

If this is the expected behavior, how can I submit a feature request to have these values migrate from one php version to another ? Does that even make sense?


I tested I get the same. All I can think it generated a new xxxx.conf from template. Not sure if the expected behavior. @staff?


PHP stores version specific settings, so switching to a different version will not preserve or copy settings for a different version when using PHP-FPM. This is the expected behavior.

I was hoping this sounded like a great Feature Request … bummer.

I suppose others might weigh in over the next week or two :slight_smile:

As you can guess, having those five basic settings carry over, especially with no warning on the other panel when you do change versions, would make it much nicer and user friendly when switching versions.

You can use System Settings ⇾ Server Templates: PHP options page to set additional PHP variables which will always be added to PHP config.

I was hoping for server specific settings, for each virtual host/server that I have created.

It would be wonderful if Virtualmin could intelligently transfer php-fpm custom values when a verson change in applied. Or at atleast issue a warning or an alert that there exist custom values which will not be carried forward if a version change in php-fpm is applied.


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This will happen in the next release (7.8.3 or later)

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