Virtual interface removed after reboot on Ubuntu 20.04


On ubutu 20.04 (updated from 18.04) when i reboot the server the virtual interface is removed.

I add it with webmin -> networkConfiguration -> network interface -> active now -> defaut interface -> add virtual interface

What is the solution to add and keep after reboot the virtual interface.

i think i have restart before and keep this virutal interface before.

Thanks for your help.

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Add it on the Activated at boot tab.

i have added it and test but it replace the network adress.

What is the schema to add it in activated to boot ?
name ? (i have tested Primary network name with “:1”, but error ’ No interface named enp3s0 exists’ with “enp3s0:1” where “enp3s0” is the name of the primary interface)
hardware adresse ?

Any idea ? for how to add it ?

I have try to create network at boot and activate, and the virtual ip replace the network ip …

So nothing work, it doesn’t add virtual ip on network configuration like i configure.

Please help, i think there is a little bug

I have tested many thing but nothing work.

On Active On boot, first i have no configuration, after reinstall i have a network interface on DHCp, when i add virtual interface, no active on boot i have to apply manually.

I have installed and reinstalled Ubuntu 20.04 and same problem, i have tested with network configuration with fixed ip but nothing change.

I have reinstalled Ubuntu, configure Ip BEFORE installing virtualmin and all VIrtual interface are configured in active on boot tabs, the Virtual interface automatly created on network active on boot and all work.

But after restart, same problem, nothing work …

When i check virtual Ip in list and apply manually, it work …
So the activate on boot on ubuntu 20.04 for virtual Interface doesn’t work

Only solution i have now is to install Ubuntu 16.04 for haven’t this bug

Have you considered changing the following sequence:

Yes I have tested add network configuration after and before installing virtualmin with the script.

Same result

I have tested all I can and nothing work.

I am sorry, I am at a loss about what else to suggest.

Thanks for your suggestion, I think I have try all I can.

The only thing I haven’t try is to use another os.

But on ubuntu 20.04, php is in version 7.4 and I only need this so it’s better and better for security update too.

After Test on debian 10, same problem, after fresh install and reboot with just a virtual interface on network configuration. Ip are ok but after reboot i can"t bootup network and i have to resintall.

On active on boot, 3 configuration with eth0 eth1 and eth2 …

There is a mistake in network configuration in the last version …

The solution for me is to install Unbutu 16.04 and configure with Network active on boot and no problem …

last and best soluion

Install Ubutu 16.04 upgrade to 18.04 and upgrade to 20.04
And after install Virtualmin with the GPL script

Holy cow. There’s no way that’s the best solution!

I’d guess there’s still remaining bugs in Webmin’s support for the new Ubuntu network config system (it may be fixed in the next version, which I’m rolling out today). Just configure the network outside of Webmin.

It’s insane to install 16.04 and upgrade to 20.04. That is not a good solution. If you want to use the old network system (which is what this gets you), just use the old network config system. You don’t have to start on 16.04 to do that.

I have tested configure outsite webmin the network and before install virtualmin and the result is exactly the same.

I have tested to rollback to the old network system but after install virtualmin the network config is on the old system and the config active on boot is started with the new configuration with netplan.

On fresh instal how i can rollback to old network system before install virtualmin and make sure this is the good method ?

Ps : i haven’t the latest version of webmin on fresh install, i have 1.955 where latest is 1.960 and in the changelog :

  • Massive improvements to the YAML parsing in the Network Configuration module, to support more complex Netplan configs.

Can i add directly the Webmin repository or i have to wait for your repository ?


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I have the same issue.

Thought, that I am doing something wrong in the post installation guide. But then I am not the only one that can not reboot.

No solution yet :frowning:

Could you please contact your service provider, and as them about init scripts they setup to run upon reboot? Most likely your network config is overwritten by one of those scripts.

I just tested it with Debian now, and there is no issue at all. I could easily add additional static IP on the interface, and it survived reboots with no problem. The same should be with Ubuntu 20.04.

Its a dedicated server so no setup on start, it’s on a fresh install on an OVH server.

I have tested fresh install and active on boot is configured but don’t apply on network, when i created a new virtualhost with the FailOver ip the interface is not founded but the ip respond to ping.

No website respond on this ip …

So i don"t work …