Virtual interface removed after reboot on Ubuntu 20.04

i have tested a fresh install with configuration activate on boot.

And on boot, no activation of the virtual interface, i have to select and apply in the interface to make work.

Based on this post of yours it seems that you have Ubuntu 20.04 with uninstalled netplan? Perhaps it would be better to try installing and using netplan, and see if it works the expected way?

See my last reply before yours.

I try but nothin apply on boot, i have to manually apply after boot.

Have you an solution.

From fresh install with netplan problem appends on restarts, i have to apply manually
From fresh instal and remove netplan to old network configuration problem too.

What is the solution on Ubuntu 20.04 ? for have last apache with http2 and php 7.4.
if install ubuntu 16.04 is not a solution (but it work)

i “think” the problem is because on OVH the net is configured with DHCP on V4 and fixed in DHCP6 :confused:

And you have tested on Debian, i say on Ubuntu :wink:

After many and many many reinstall.

I have found a way to have IP FO work on Ubuntu 20.04 on old network system.
Webmin add configuration in /etc/network/interfaces in a way that don’t understand ubuntu network old system !

On debian 10 it work but not on Ubuntu 20.04 ! (i don’t test any other ubuntu with netplan)

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