Userman folder sorting

Standard usermin folder sorting seem to be based on the ID in the directory. If you move something to other folders the sorting might be totally messed up.

Then if you try to sort it by date, it is still sorted by name or something, then date.

I wish I had the option to just sort it by date and nothing else.
Or did I miss something? :wink:

Hey Christian,

There’s been some discussion recently on the webmin mailing list about just this sort of thing, though I don’t think I fully grasped the implications. I’ll ask Jamie to chime in with his thoughts. (I’m having troubles with Usermin date sorting as well…) :wink:

In my case I moved from a mailbox on another server to the new virtualmin based one. I moved it beeing connected to both the new and the old mailbox via IMAP and just copied it then.

The result is new IDs sorted based on the transfer order, not the received order. If you move then again between folders, it is all messed up.

You only have 3 sort options, built in, built and maildir (or something like that) and by name… just adding an option there to sort by date by default would help alot. But giving options in folder to remove the sorting on the folders would be very nice too.


Sorting by date in Usermin is supported - you just click on the Date column in the email list. The default sort order is based on the Maildir filename, which normally corresponds to the date mail was received … although if you have been transferring mail between systems, this isn’t guaranteed.

Could you tell me more about what goes wrong if you try to sort by Date by clicking on that header?

Hello Jamie,

first view with "built in, then ~/mail, then external" show a confusing list with sorting that does not make any sense to me.

If I click on date sorting, it seems to be somehow sorted, by I can’t figure out the sorting schema.

It starts with about 10 entries sorted by date, but not starting with the current date emails. Then some others are shown and then it the current mails are shown, sorted by date…

Confusing… :stuck_out_tongue:

Any ideas, how I could figure out the sorting here?

As additional info… horde does the date sorting as it should. I click on the column and it is shown in list, like expected.

a) there was no file _*.db, the other 2 files were deleted.
b) after new access and sorting by date the 2 files were re-created, but the sorting in the folder is still the same.

If you click on one of the email messages that has the incorrect date order, what does it show in the Date field? I wonder if the cause is an email date format that Usermin can’t parse…

Hello Jamie,

the first shown Email has
Wed, 27 Jun 2007 01:39:25 +0200

the real newest Email there would be (is shown approx. in the middle of first page)
Wed, 27 Jun 2007 12:35:59 +0200

the last one shown on the page is this:
Wed, 4 Jul 2007 14:06:02 +0200

Please find included the date column, sorted by date!

Hmm, I can not edit my post, because it says "Hacking attempt"…

One more try to post the image:

Hmm, I can not edit my post, because it says "Hacking attempt"...

Yes, Firebooard has tons of bugs. I’m working on it.

Ok, that is definately wrong … even though your email date formats look fine, and should be parsed by Usermin.

Joe - have you seen anything like this on any of our systems?

Simpleboard, Joomlaboard and now called fireboard was always for only smaller communites… at least from my point of view. I guess I would prefer SMF with a bridge solution or any other of the commonly used free boards to host this forum here :wink:

I guess this would be one big mass of work, but then you don’t need to bother with bugs of the board, just with the user management…

I just had a look in my /Maildir/cur folder and had an idea.

The mail-files there start with a number in the name, which I would identify as timestamp. There is also the date of the files itself…

Perhaps the sorting is done by the name and therefore the timestamp instead of the real date of the file? And the date is then shown from the file-date`…

The timestamps are all pretty close each to another, the files where created by copying from another imap folder?

What is the real folder with the mail files in it?

Joe - have you seen anything like this on any of our systems?

Yes. Usermin on acts like this for me. It’s a nuisance. :wink:

I’m surprised you’re not seeing it here…I’ve seen it on two accounts here.

I guess this would be one big mass of work, but then you don't need to bother with bugs of the board, just with the user management...

It’s quite a bit more dramatic than I expected it to be. I’ve been playing with SMF for the past week, but it’s still a long way from being workable. It has URL problems (I’m not going to inflict standard Joomla URLs on you guys under any circumstances…those things are nasty), and it’s also really difficult to convert to the way I’m doing UIDs. Because I know I’ll be doing lots of integrations between all of the stuff on the site in the future, I’m forcing UID for all components to match the Joomla ID. This was easy with Flyspray, but not easy at all with SMF. There’s also a lot of template problems–clashes between CSS selectors, etc. So it’s a big ordeal. There’s also all of the extra crap that needs to be hidden–I’m really not fond of forums that gives the impression that everything revolves around the forum software. We’ve got a whole website here and it’s all got to interact nicely. :wink:

I’d really rather fix the problems with Fireboard. It’s simpler, and I like simple over almost all things. But there are just so many damned bugs, and the developers don’t seem to actually be doing anything. I suspect they’re all great web designers but sucky developers and so the website looks awesome but the code just sits there and everyone is afraid to touch it.

Anyway, one way or another we will have nicely working forums soon.

Ok … which accounts did you see it for? Once I can re-produce it and see it in action, I should be able to resolve it.

which accounts did you see it for? Once I can re-produce it and see it in action, I should be able to resolve it.

My "joe" account exhibits the problem. It gets sorting kind of correct (2005 messages are actually at one end while 2007 are at the other…but dates and times are a mess).

The ‘default’ sort order (which you can return to by clicking on Reset Sorting) is done by filename, which really means the date the file was received as that is how Procmail names the files. But if you click on the Date column, sorting is done by the Date: header in the email - which is also the date that appears in the mail list.

Ok, then the brdiges are not as good as I thought they would be in the meantime,… I was once playing with an phpBoard or something and I ran into prolems all the time regarding the cookies, the logins etc.

So, if there are more problems implementing SMF, then the problems with Fireboard seems to be the better ways.

SimpleBoard in Mambo-times, then JoomlaBoard, was on one state for a long time, therefore the fireboard guys took the board and made at least a few optimizations. So, perhaps it is time for another revoltion making a VirtualBoard from it :stuck_out_tongue: