Userman folder sorting

Ah, this is perfect! I was thinking about a new mailbox with some sample emails for you, but if Joe has the same problem…

I’m so curious for the reason,… please let me know, if you find anything :wink:

And Thanks alot for your work in advance

OK, I see it now… it looks like this happens when the same mailbox is modified by both Usermin and another IMAP client that downloads email.

Tomorrow I’m going to work on a new indexing system for Usermin mail, which should resolve these kinds of issues.

Sounds great! Will this be part of the new usermin template which was mentioned by Joe? I’m looking forward to replace Horde because I have really bad performance with it from time to time… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, the new theme is wholly independent of sorting (for now). But it’s back under heavy development and I expect a release in a week or two for both Webmin and Usermin.


How do you manage all the stuff? Is it really only Jamie and you, Joe? Incredible, really…

Yes, it is just the two of us. Joe’s been doing some incredible work to manage the site, forums, bug tracker and all the rest. I focus on the actual Virtualmin/Webmin/Usermin coding.

BTW, the re-design of Usermin sorting and indexing is coming along well, and should result in improved speed in large mailboxes, plus much reduced change of index corruption.

Webmin, Usermin and Virtualmin is an awesome bit of work and I take my hat off to both of you. Thanks for your time and effort!

Can I quote you on that? See those little blurbs in the upper right corner of the page? That could be you! Link action all over! Say nice things about Virtualmin, you could be famous! :wink:

LOL, if you like to,… but, you know, I am German and English is not my mothertongue, could you please get rid of the errors in spelling before posting there? :wink:

Don’t want to look like a doofus :wink:

Hehehe…No problem. Your written English is quite good, though. You shouldn’t worry so much. Many Americans have worse grammar and spelling. And have you heard the way kids in America talk these days? It’s deeply disappointing Or maybe I’m just getting old. :wink:

When I have a look at your picture you seem to be not that old… :stuck_out_tongue:

Or is it a old picture with many Photoshop Optimizations? :wink:

In this time, if you are interessted in IT stuff and gaming and SAP and internet in general, you have lots of opportunities to learn and improve english. So I guess I learned some things during the last years… at least something…

And you are right, the current way you hear the younger (and sometimes older) people from America talking is sometime very confusing… I have been there 2 times, and the strangest slang I heared was, I guess something from Texas or so… I did not understand a word and he could have talked in Suaheli; it could not be worse :stuck_out_tongue:

This could be a case of Usermin’s sort index for the folder being corrupted. To reset it, SSH into the server, cd to the mailbox user’s home directory, then run :

rm .usermin/mailbox/_*.{dir,pag,db}

Then try viewing the sorted email list again. I’d be interested to know if this helps…

Sorry for saying that, but… you are insane :wink:

Webmin, Usermin and Virtualmin is an awesome bit of work and I take my hat off to both of you. Thanks for your time and effort!