Ubuntu LTS 22.04 (MariaDB vs MySQL)


I just installed a fresh Ubuntu LTS 22.04 and I see it’s not yet supported.
On this server I just need the GPL version.

Is there any release time yet for the support of this Ubuntu version or should I install an older LTS version?


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Ubuntu 22.04 is going to be supported by Virtualmin 7. If you need it right now, I would suggest to wait until Virtualmin 7 is released.


OK thanks for the info
I think this will still take a while - than I gonna reinstall with an older LTS version

Let’s try waiting for another day, as perhaps Virtualmin 7 beta will arrive on Debian/Ubuntu quite soon.


Any update on beta version…?? I also excited to test with Ubuntu 22.04

I’m working as fast as I can. It’s very close.


Hi !

Yesterday, I upgraded a couple servers to v7. So we’re just lacking the install script right now, aren’t we ?

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Yes, we are working on adding support for Debian 11 and Ubuntu 22.04 systems for Virtualmin installer.


Great!!.. we will wait for the update… Thank you very much for the support…

Great Thank you

Is there a way to force the installation on the unsupported Ubuntu 22.04 and to upgrade the installation afterwards?
Unfortunately I would need to have the server up and running quite soon. :wink:

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Not until @Joe spins up the repos.

@ilia gave me more new projects. But, the end result will be much faster iteration on adding OS support, so it’ll be better in the end but it means I’m refactoring RPM repos again today instead of working on Ubuntu. :man_shrugging:

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Looking forward to run the tests.

You all are doing an amazing job - I am really looking forward to seeing the new release.
Just keep us informed about the progress as you did already. :slight_smile:

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Can someone please explain the correct procedure to upgrade a live server from 20.04 > 22.04? Someone who actually does this with one of theirs. I’d like to upgrade my VPS’s OS once I know that VM7 is stable with 22.04 and that the upgrade has been tested (I don’t mind waiting a month or two naturally). The last published upgrade guide in the documentation is for 14.04 > 16.04!

BTW I’ve been using Virtualmin for about 2 years on a low-end VPS, it’s great - massive thanks to the dev team for the product!

It’s the same as it ever was, pretty much. Probably simpler now than back then, since things have stabilized even on Ubuntu. Ubuntu used to change up a bunch of random crap with every release just to be a PITA. But, they’ve grown up a bit and have begun to at least think about stability and smooth upgrades.

Basically, make backups (specifically Virtualmin backups, and dump all of your databases, because if anything is going to be hard it will be the database), read the OS dist-upgrade guide for this version (they know better than we do what the differences are), do a dist-upgrade, test.

AFAIK there are no major changes in any components that Virtualmin uses between 20.04 and 22.04.

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Thanks Joe, but I’ll wait until others with more experience with Ubuntu servers have done it.

I know that work is being done on this and I hate to be the person to ask again, but I need to know if this will be out in the next week. I need to build a server for a client and while I did testing with the Rocky version of vm7, my client wants ubuntu. If it is not something that will happen it is ok as I will need to just go to another product. Take care and thank you in advance.

I don’t think so but why not ask them a beta version if your client is ok with non stable environment.