Translation for Virtualmin/Webmin/Usemin

I would like to translate all modules in Virtualmin/Webmin/Usemin to Swedish. The Swedish language support is a really mixed up Swenglish…
It would be nice to have a accurate and fully translated Virtualmin/Webmin/Usemin to our Swedish customers.
I have made translations on our modified versions of e107 and osCommerce core, they are fully translated to Swedish, all plugins and database for both user and admin side.

I’m a rather new user of Virtualmin Pro and would like to know which files to edit.

Leif Blåfors

Hey Leif,

That’s great news! We’d love to have a Swedish translation, and we’ll be happy to help.

There is a pretty nice tool to assist you with translations, located here:

The module itself can be downloaded here:

It is a Webmin module that allows you to edit the correct files without having to edit them in a text editor from the command line. I still tend to do my work in the text editor anyway, but if you’re unsure where to start, this makes it pretty easy–just be sure to save your work often (it’s possible that an upgrade could overwrite your lang files!). It can also be used to send your work to the translations at webmin dot com address where Martin or Jamie will drop them into the official releases.

Here’s the official documentation on translating Webmin modules:

This covers doing it from the command line and points you to some tools to make it easier.

If you have any questions, Martin "awe-inspiring former translation co-ordinator who no longer co-ordinates but still manages to be a lot of help" Mewes and I are both here to answer any questions you might have.

I was looking at the documentation for the language translators. At the bottom of one of the pages ( is a link with the name ‘langdiff.’ That link points to a porn site instead of to a diff tool.

Hmm, the original author of langdiff must have decided to take a different career direction … I have removed that link.

Hello! :wink:

I’m just working with usermin and was wondering, how it works for the users at all. After some translations to German, I want to try it… I guess the people are quite fine with the functionality there. It is not Horde, but… they want webmail and usermin seems quite fine for that.

Unfortunately I fail translating the open parts :frowning:

I downloaded the translation webmin module and started to translate. I translated a lot of stuff there already, but I can not find the module where I have to translate the parts that are display in the left menue.
This means "Manage Folders", "Address Book" etc. and the webpages that appear when I click one of the options.

I does not appear to be usermin. I already translated all there… it is not in mailboxes,… so, where are the translations??

Also I’m quite unhappy with the fact, that I can not send in the translations. I will not install the current development version. This is a productive server and I do not want to get any unstable things there :frowning:


Howdy Christian,

Awesome. We’d be happy to have a complete translation of Usermin to German (email me at, there’s fabulous prizes in it for you).

The left menu is located in either the blue-theme/lang directory, or the virtual-server-theme/lang directory (depending on which theme you use). The translation module doesn’t know about themes that provide functionality like the new menu-based themes. It’s probably a bug that we didn’t move those bits into their own module or into Webmin core, but it was experimental at the time, and we weren’t sure if that was the direction we were going to go in for new UIs in Webmin/Usermin. Now that we know it is, we need to move it back down into Webmin/Usermin core.

Anyway, don’t let it confuse you. Just ask for help. We’re so extremely ecstatic when we don’t have to pay for translations, that we’ll drop everything to help you with translating to your native tongue. :wink:

Please check your mails for (hopefully) complete "Frontend" usermin translation. :wink:

How can you translate usermin modules with wbmtranslator? I can translate only webmin modules with it. Do I have to do usermin modules by hand? I only see usermin (webmin configuration module).

It is not possible… :frowning:

The only way translating usermin things is in the appropriate language file.

The usermin language files that I translated to german and are visible to the user are located in


These had open translation for german language. Maybe there is more missing in the language you plan to offer.

Unfortunately, Christian is right. Emmanuel hasn’t yet added support for Usermin modules. I believe it is on his todo list, though.

But if you guys are finding wbmmtranslator helpful in doing translations, I’ll talk to Emmanuel and see if there’s something we can do to encourage him to add Usermin support sooner rather than later. Translations are very expensive to have done by professional translators, so we’ll do just about anything to make it easy for volunteers like you guys to get the job done.

Usermin modules are quite small so I think I just might do it. I’m interested in getting Finnish translation for it. I couldn’t find any Finnish stuff neither in webmin or usermin. Webmin modules are huge and I don’t think I’ll have the effort translating those. Though I already did a couple of those.

But do I need to do the translations on a virtualmin Pro box? Is Usermin the same also on gpl side?

But do I need to do the translations on a virtualmin Pro box? Is Usermin the same also on gpl side?

The Usermin in Virtualmin Professional is identical to the Open Source one at (Usermin is actually BSD-licensed, not GPL…only the Open Source Virtualmin is GPL…the rest of our Open Source stuff is BSD-licensed).

One thing that tripped up Christian while he was working on his awesome German translation is that the Usermin left-hand menu text is actually tucked into the Virtualmin Framed Theme directory rather than any of the Usermin modules. So, you might want to install the Virtualmin Framed Theme (also available from for Usermin and translate it, as well, if you want the left-hand menu translated.


I know that there is a german translation for Webmin, but what about the other tools. We are starting a hosting service for Joomla! and Info@Hand / sugarCRM based sites in the german speaking area of Europe. Therefore we need a german localization for Usermin and a german version of Virtualmin Pro would be of great advantage. If there isn’t such translation yet, I’d be glad to step in. My company did the german localization for Info@Hand.

Thanks for your help.<br><br>Post edited by: balzercomp, at: 2008/03/02 01:47

Usermin localization to German is pretty good. It was complete as of when this thread was posted, but it’s probably missing a few strings by now. We always welcome assistance with keeping translations up to date, and we reward users who do those translations with free licenses and our undying gratitude.

Hi Joe,

I’d be glad to assist in making the german translation better. Also in translating virtualmin.

Just let me know where to start. Is there any documentation yet? Just send me a private mail.

Hi, i have question.

I would like to use Polish language.

Some text are translated but most not.

How can I help to translate them all ?

Do you have any translation system, script ?


Yes, there are tools to help with translations. Here’s the documentation, which also has links to the necessary tools:

The only tricky bit is that quite a bit of the language for Virtualmin is found in the Virtualmin theme (virtual-server-theme) rather than the modules.

We’d love to have more complete Polish translation!

I’m try to localize GPL Virtualmin MODULE.

I’m starting from 0 and get NOW about 600 strings.

I’m post this file, becous i don’t want to get situation when someone else start this translation from 0…

Anyone can edit this :wink:

regards [file name=webmin_1.gz size=7449][/file]<br><br>Post edited by: seba22, at: 2008/03/30 08:13

First of all a Happy New Year to the Virtualmin team.

I would like to help to complete the localisation of Virtualmin/Webmin/Usermin to German. If there are any open translation work I would be glad to finish them.

I already did some translation e.g. and many other.



First of all a Happy New Year to the Virtualmin team.

Thanks, you too!

I’d suggest posting exactly what you just said in the Bug tracker (the Issues and Bugs link below). Jamie (and/or Joe) will be able to point you in the right direction.

Thanks for your help,