Theme dashboard - curious behaviour again - sorry

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 22.04.3
Webmin version 2.101
Usermin version 2.001
Virtualmin version 7.8.2
Theme version 21.07
Package updates All installed packages are up to date
Box name 1mp

As some may know I have a client who likes to have domain names that start with a 1 eg, etc.

This user has access to the dashboard and logs in as (one more of the many).

The strange (now unexpected since the application of the 21.07-dev theme) behaviour is that the user still defaults into the first (alphabetically) owned domain in the list ie

If the user selects and goes to somewhere in the menu (eg Edit Users) then returns to the Virtualmin tab everything behaves as expected.

So why when logging in as a user at does it not automatically select as the current domain in the list instead of

Why doesn’t the GUI simply store the last page visited? (cookie or LS) so that the user logs in and goes to where they last viewed. So if a user looks at domain and the Edit Users list or whatever then next time they log in they go to the place they were last at and not to some other domain that just so happens to be higher up the list alphabetically. One can’t even get there by remembering the url.

Because you don’t have the default domain after login configured in Theme Configuration page, so it falls to the first domain in the list. All is expected.

Cannot find that setting in theme configuration → which category?
I see no “default domain”

It is right here:

Ah but that doesn’t do it either as the required default page is “Dashboard” as previously set.

The Dashboard has nothing to do with the domain selected. But the domain selected always ends up as the first alphabetically and if "Dashboard is selected in that list as the Default it goes to the “Virtual Server Summary”

If the user had a simple url (with get params) or last page was stored in a cookie/LS/server side then the page could go direct. At the moment it seems to require at least 2 menu requests to get back to the user’s required position in the GUI.

  1. Select Virtualmin Main Tab
  2. Select the users domain
  3. Select any other menu item (or Dashboard)
  4. Repeat 1.

I think what would solve it would be:
A Default Domain for Virtualmin (a selectable list of the client’s domains) → user selects
The original Default Page for Virtualmin → user selects Dashboard (that list would be similar to the existing list under Webmin ie a list of typical menu pages)

I’m not sure what you mean exactly. Sorry.

Based on my previous screenshot, if I choose in previously mentioned Theme Configuration page, after the login I have selected as expected (note that it isn’t the first domain on the list):

@Ilia, yes and I was not saying it doesn’t

But it is illrelevant because the Page is lost. The user then has to repeat/make further menu selections just to get back to where they last were the Dashboard

So it does not solve the problem. The user wants to be on the last selected page for the last selected domain/VS which is what the setting “Default Page for Virtualmin” implies.

That setting does nothing about the page it should be labeled “Default domain for Virtualmin” as that is what it now lists (plus the Dashboard page).

I cannot see how I can explain it with any further clarity.

Do you imply logging in and logging out, or just within one session?

I cannot see how I can explain it with any further clarity.

You can use domain name (left) and page name (right) that you want to be opened, and most importantly when. I don’t understand the problem still.

client user (who owns all these 1*domains) logs out overnight then logs in each day - normally to only view the excellent dashboard to see everything is working as expected and see if there are things to do, but may have other things to look at or add (like a new user) or update the VS website.

I still don’t see how.

That list seems to only contain either domain name or “Dashboard” not both.

Do you want the ability to select both domain (left menu) and page (right side) independently after login?

… normally to only view the excellent dashboard to see everything is working as expected

Why not simplify things and default to the Dashboard after login? The menu could then automatically select the first domain on the list.

not necessarily, I’m pretty sure what I am saying is at login the user goes to the same place as last use (which is why I suggested browser storage of domain & page)
or url parameters

Well to start with you get Webmin tab selected on login. so need to tab (alt+V) to get to Virtualmin tab.
Then you need to select the domain why should this then jump to the Server summary page? - if that is the page desired it could be selected from the menu but I find it rarely is of interest except for the link to home directory (file manager)
I would have thought logically remaining on the Dashboard (the default page) would be more appropriate.
then select the action on that domain (eg Edit users)
then when you select (Virtualmin tab) you get

I don’t think it’s worth an effort!

Well to start with you get Webmin tab selected on login. so need to tab (alt+V ) to get to Virtualmin tab.

You could set it to Virtualmin tab be default in Theme Configuration page.

Sorry, I don’t see any improvements over changes you’re suggesting.

I have that set but it doesn’t seem to work. I logout and login again and get Webmin every time.

I guess I’ll kiss goodbye to that user.
Fortunately, I have others less demanding who don’t manage their domains.

I thought setting/getting a local storage / cookie or url parameters would be as straightforward in Perl as it is in other languages.

Also as no one else seems interested (just my client and me) I’ll try to forget and give up. Tx anyway for at least listening.

That is odd. I have it working. Try using force-refresh system information page button on the top right of the dashboard. It force clears a lot of various cache data.

I guess I’ll kiss goodbye to that user.

I cannot believe this can be real. There is no reason for being extreme.

Also as no one else seems interested (just my client and me) I’ll try to forget and give up. Tx anyway for at least listening.

Well, I would understand those features you’re asking for, if we didn’t have those old-school options to configure what is getting opened after the logging in.

I could most probably make it work the way you suggest but it seems like such an insignificant thing.

Besides, I don’t understand why your user logs out every night. It makes little sense. People don’t logout from Webmin/Virtualmin for months.

I see it like this with a fresh login with no default domain set

after changing the config to a different domain a fresh log in shows this

so yes on a fresh login the theme does user the expected domain but switching to dashboard and back again shows this

note the domain name was retained on the switch which is the same screen as the dashboard, this is also true if you select any virtualmin option & switch to the dashboard tab and back again , maybe this is the issue ? But to be fair I do not see much point to the dashboard tab as it brings very little to the party, to the point I have asked my domain owners and all never use it.

There is no good way design-wise to remove dashboard switch. Also, I personally don’t find it pointless.

This all works as expected. Although, I may in the future change it so on return not only left menu would be remembered but also previous right side page.

I don’t see what extra/different this gives (dashboard)

over virtual server details

in fact I think it is less informative to a domain owner

Dashboard provides more general details.

am I missing something here this is all my domain owners see on the dashboard page