The tool tip help is obscured

To reproduce (sorry my screen capture doesn’t work with tool tips visible) go to:
Virtualmin -> File Manager
then hover over these icons

File manager icons

when the tool tip is displayed it is hidden behind (css z-index ?) the menu.

(not a big problem - just a trivia!)

Like this you mean ?

also available in white :slight_smile:
maybe it’s your browser ?

Yes that is it. (but it is the tool tip 2nd from right that is most obscured) I’m pretty sure it is a css issue.
The browser is Chrome on Windows :frowning: - but just the same on Firefox

(and same effect in night mode)

The theme is based on bootstrap so it’s just a case of the tooltip being put in the wrong place
faulty one

adding the arrowed should fix it … however left may be better than right though

If its the one in windows, add a 5sec delay and then you can make it work.

I see this, would that be the z-index?

Nope it’s the tool tip position

I think so (but @jimr1 thinks not). I think his is a possible solution but moving an obvious large tool-tip to the left or right is not always an option and there is no space to move it up.

BTW what screen capture are you using. (I would like to replace “Snip & Sketch” with something that can actually do the job)

I use flameshot Install Windoze version Docs I find it very good or download the msi here

Thanks, I’m so use to windows version now.
You can do a delay

Thanks for the heads up! I have fixed this tooltip issue on the latest commit!


When you code with bootstrap it could become messy adding z-index to a pile of elements rather than an extra parameter to the element. Don’t forget this is a tooltip and not the base element

I don’t and it is given a similar word round these parts

thanks, and I confirm that it works

As the authentic theme is bootstrap based ‘given a similar word’ must elude to the authentic theme which you seem happy with. That said you did quote me ‘out of context’

I know - I really should print, read and inwardly digest those “Forum guidelines” again.

and whatever happened to the solved marker :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :person_facepalming:

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