The forum - a suggestion

I seem to hang around here (the forum) a lot (some might say too much).

One of the things that bugs me and I know others is the failure of posters (especially new posters) to complete the requested SYSTEM INFORMATION .

That aside. I would like (a consequence of seeing a number of similar posts recently.) to ask for even more to be added.

  • Is it an Apache or an Nginx system?
  • Does the question really belong in the “It is a WordPress/ client application problem?”

I know some have a problem identifying if it is to do with some other App that has been introduced or Virtualmin but the number of questions that seem to be appearing that really are not the fault of Virtualmin seems to be growing in frequency.

I don’t know what the solution is. Perhaps separate sub categories on the forum (I’ve no idea if that is even possible, or how easy to implement, or if folk would use it - they don’t seem to read the request for SYSTEM INFORMATION.

Is it even possible to include the Apache or Nginx info in the “Copy basic system information to clipboard” facility?

The intent here is to help keep this place less cluttered
OK I know (easily done - just shut up Olag)


You are getting old and grumpy! :slight_smile:

More categories etc will only be more clutter, personally I just look at recent posts rather than by category.

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Yeah, I don’t want more categories. I think we already have too many, as new folks (and sometimes long-time posters) post to the wrong category all the time, just because they don’t know the difference between all the components.

I do wish very much that people would fill out the information we ask of them. And, I wish folks would read the guidelines before posting,

I will also note that this very topic is in the wrong category. This has nothing to do with Authentic Theme. :man_shrugging:

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I think if you elevate people to level 4 they can help move subjects to the right category. But, I too am more of a ‘latest posts’ viewer. The problem becomes non members searching for help trying to find something.

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Sorry, As has rightly been pointed out (I’m getting too old) I have corrected it to “Blue Sky aka I have a dream”.

Yes that’s what I do as well. But there just seems to me quite a lot of late that are not clear enough to simply ignore. As with most forums I really hate to see a question asked but then not answered (that is not welcoming to the new poster) There is a wealth of knowledge on here and good to see it shared - even if topics do wander a bit.


I have often done searches for an issue only to find that a similar question to mine was raised some time ago and most were never answered.

Maybe my issues are for the “too hard basket”?

Back on topic though, I don’t see that any changes to the forum will affect whether questions are answered or not.

I had already thought of a better efficiency of this Forum.
There is a way to put an initial text observing so that everyone can see and read - Forum Guidelines: Please read before posting!.
Do not increase the number of categories, but create subcategories by distro, the main ones.
The interest of the user is immediate aiming to solve the problem and who uses a distro, will rarely research what happens in another.
Is it possible to reference the answers using the system documentation?

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The software, Discourse, has poor visibility for sub categories in my opinion. I also don’t know if problem by distro becomes a red herring for people that actually search for answers before posting.

The real ‘problem’ is the software makes it too easy for anyone to spin up a server regardless of experience level. :wink:


Oh I always wondered what the use of a BSc in Software Engineering was for.
Nothing is that easy in life even Virtualmin. Where would we all be if there were nothing to ask/answer on the forum.

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