The Final Cut

That morning, on Fеbruаry 24, 2022 I was woken up relatively early, by my wife barging into our bedroom loudly saying that the wаr had begun. Those frightening words echoed loudly in my head, and I thought to myself that enough is enough, as I gave way too much credit to Russiа already. I never had the nerve to make the final cut, but that very day the last shred of hope had died in me, and I eventually made a difficult decision – to leave Mоsсоw immediately and irrevocably.

That same day we started to look for plane tickets to either Аthеns or Lаrnасa to leave as soon as possible, as all four of us already had three year schengen visas opened (which made this kind of spontaneous travel possible in the first place). Because of pandemics outbreak back in 2020 Аеroflоt russiаn аirline cаrrier, cancelled our prepaid flight to Crеtе, which was initially planned to the middle of Mаy 2020, yet not paying us back anything, and just promising to perform a flight later, whenever it would be possible. I was trying to find a quick way of re-using the tickets that Аеrоflоt owed us, but it was all futile. In the bottom of my heart I knew that the situation was going to escalate really quickly, so we decided to buy another set of tickets. At the time we could only find the tickets to Аthеns using a transit flight through Zuriсh with Swiss Аir, which was happening on Fеbruаry 26. We intentionally picked non-Russiаn air carrier due to possible sanctions imposed. There were much cheaper Аerоflot flights to buy, to fly on Fеbruаry 27 and/or 28 but it seemed too late and not an option for us. Eventually, we got one way Моsсоw ⇾ Zuriсh ⇾ Аthеns plane tickets to fly on the evening of Fеbruаry 26, and started packing.

Next day, Fеbruаry 25, was a lot of hassle for all four of us. In Моsсow, we lived in an amazing apartment (which we still own and which I personally designed from scratch), thus we had a lot of things which, well, were not meant to be moved in suitcases, being packed overnight. Eventually, we ended up with 6 large suitcases (aside from hand luggage) to carry, taking all essential things with us, but yet, we had to leave behind a lot, like my younger daughter iMас M1 24’ (2021), Sуnоlоgy NАS, and many more other things, like a new super-powerful АМD desktop Linux/Windows PC, large Dell 27’ 240Hz monitors, LG ОLЕD TVs, Nikоn DSLR cаmera, Sоny video camera, Ninеbоt Kickscооter, CUBЕ bicycles, and etc).

As a next step, we needed to take РСR tests as soon as possible, as it was required everywhere in airports and customs, so we went to get express tests for all four of us. The results were meant to be ready by the next morning at maximum (on Fеbruаry 26, around 8 a.m.) Later, me, my wife and my younger daughter got negative test results emailed to us by midnight the same day, while my older daughter’s results weren’t sent at all. We started imagining the worst, although going physically to the medical office in the morning gave us a relief, as my older daughter’s test was found and was negative too.

Later the same day, Fеbruаry 26, we came to the airport three hours before our flight to Zuriсh, and surprisingly the registration was already opened, so we went straight forward to register, give away our heavy luggage and just have a moment of peace. That all happened to be smooth.

However, the terrifying moments were about to come, as about 20 minutes later, after we got our plane tickets registered, luggage taken away, and right before the second level checkup, we had a call from a registration desk, asking all four of us to come back, as there were some complications. It is hard to express what I felt at that moment but it felt that it was it. When we came back downstairs to the registration desk, a lady said that we couldn’t fly as it is required to have ЕU approved vaccines to enter Switzerland even for transit purposes, which we didn’t have. We tried to explain that upon ticket purchase we were only told that РСR tests were enough, and that it is technically the end of pandemics, but she was unwavering.

In the end we were told to pick back our luggage nearby, which we did after waiting for about half an hour. The tickets to Zuriсh ⇾ Аthеns were annulled, and we immediately requested a refund from a company where we bought it, as I intentionally paid more initially for a flexible plan, but unfortunately, ten days later, and we still didn’t get a refund.

Meanwhile, the time was ticking, it was around 7 p.m., and we needed to work-around the problem urgently. As quickly as we could, we swiftly went to a ticket registration desk asking if there were any tickets available to Аthеns, where we were told that the last plane had just left half an hour ago. In the meantime, in the background, the other people were talking in panic that the airspace will be closed completely later tonight for an indefinite amount of time due to the war.

The level of stress I experienced at a time was something I have never experienced before in my life. Also, I have never sobbed in public. A minute later, as I came down, I asked, if there were any tickets available somewhere, doesn’t matter where? After a painful few minutes of waiting, a lady said that there were actually four last tickets available to the last flight to Сурrus, which was leaving in just less than three hours. I said, yes, we go! I asked if we could register those tickets right now, but the lady said that we first need to fill in a Сурrus fly pass. Considering that it was four of us, it took around thirty minutes while I was trying to fill the papers with my trembling hands using my laptop, thinking that temporary reservation for our tickets would expire.

As papers were filled the lady said that it was the time to pay for the tickets. I was ready to pay but when I saw the price I was simply stunned. The lady apologised, and honestly said, that it was the highest price she ever witnessed for the economy class tickets to Сурrus. We had nothing to do but to pay for it. The payment went through but then a few moments later, she said there was something wrong, and she couldn’t discharge the tickets to us. All the stress and anxiety came back. Older daughter started crying while hugging me. Meanwhile, the lady called somewhere emergently two times, and then later said that she needed to leave in order to fix a problem, and that she also needed our passports to take with her. Honestly, at that point I thought that we were both scammed and doomed.

For the whole time, I was seeing the lady within 20 metres distance, doing something with another operationist on the next block of desks. I saw the lady’s face pretty much all this time while she was fixing the problem. At some point, perhaps 7-10 minutes, which felt eternity to us, she started to walk back towards us while smiling. I literally cried, as we got our tickets. We thanked the lady, calling her our saviour. The older daughter called me the best dad in the world.

As we got on the plane in the next few hours, all things came down. The flight’s route wasn’t normal and took almost two extra hours to get to Lаrnаcа. Later, while on the plane, after talking with the flight attendant we had another surprise to learn that this flight wasn’t supposed to happen at all and that it was an emergency flight due to the events. By the time we landed, I had received multiple notifications from friends saying that the airspace between Russiа and the ЕU had been shut down.

We made it. We have been trying to settle down for the past ten days. By now we have signed a one year rental contract for a very nice apartment, in a good neighbourhood, and close to the centre of Limаssоl. Had new local cell phone numbers registered and a fast landline internet. Next step is to open a bank account here, as we have already prepared and applied all necessary documents to the Bank of Сурrus. Afterwards, as the last step we will apply for a temporary residence permit (Pink Slip) and hopefully get it approved, and stay, as within the next six years it should be possible to get a passport.

There is no going back for us after what happened.

I want to thank my Virtualmin family and our new awesome neighbour for all the love, support and help!

If anyone who’s reading this would like to help me and my girls financially, please let me know, as it would mean the world to us!

Faithfully yours,


I want to add that we’re currently paying Ilia via Western Union, which he can pick up in cash in his new home city, until he’s able to get a bank account outside of Russia, so if anyone wants to chip in on the next payment in a couple of days (we’re sending what we can when we can, every few days, rather than a monthly payment as usual, because of the extraordinary circumstances Ilia and his family are in), you can send any amount you like (small or not) to our PayPal at and we’ll include the total amount in the next payment (pretty much everything Virtualmin makes for the time being is going to get Ilia on his feet in a new city). I believe his PayPal is still able to receive money, but I don’t think he’s able to use it, so he’s asked us to keep sending cash until he has a local bank account.

None of us were really sure how far things would go, but we encouraged Ilia to get himself and his family out of Russia while he could…and he did, just in the nick of time.

I don’t know if most folks realize how much Ilia has done for Virtualmin over the past several years. It’s entirely reasonable to say he’s as important to the project as Jamie (and more important than me, at this point, since I’ve been so overwhelmed with other things for a while now). He’s 100% responsible for the current user experience, and made significant contributions to the new website, shopping cart, and forums, when I simply didn’t have the time or motivation to push it over the top. We’re forever grateful for his work on the project, and extremely happy he’ll be able to keep working on it without impediment.



I can’t even imagine what your going through living in a country like Australia. I will send $100AU via Joe.
Hope it all works out ok.



Just sent $100AU



Hi guys, since politics is not my strong subject I would like to say only that I see '68 when russians came to my country (at that time Czechoslovakia and started occupied us) by force. And I can see same thing happen to Ukraine right now. Since then I promise my self to not stand the politicians and I would like to keep in that way. Please keep virtualmin clean of that crap.

@illia I understand that you had very very good life back there and you decided to leave and you are some sort of kind refuge - many of us are and I can assure you that your are not alone. Since war started to my neighbours (Ukraine) I am working in Slovak borders 19 hours a straight / a day to give Ukraine people food and shelter. - I am very - so much - very tired and its not even conflict between my country and yours.

All I can say war is disaster and I wish to no one have feeling it. War is degradation of human life - personally speaking.

Since I had felt Russian invasion in my bones when they did exact same scenario to my country - I am very deeply sorry but I cannot support you - and rich live style you had back in Russia. I am sorry, but I was though we all support virtualmin not your self designed apartment and all of the computer palava… I am very sorry about that!

@Ilia there is somewhere humanity in you and me - and we are all rooted to this - please do not hate me but from my past and my great parents who where shot against the wall - I do not and cannot support your life in Cyprus, and my gram mom and my mom cried to not shoot my gram parents - they did orders - I understand - but same thing actually happen few days ago…

@Ilia I possibly get ban for this for life - so im sorry that you had to fled - I had to do the same. I love you as an dev and I am against the ban towards all Russians which is very bad but you seems to live nicer live then most of us given hours of our life to support this platform for free here and there…

I am sorry but I could not find excuse to support you even if you are part of virutalmin team - my parents life short end cannot allow this specially when it is happening again in different country. I would love to donate but - I just cannot for bitter taste I have. I wish you good luck whenever you got and - welcome to us… those who rejected the ussr.

please vitrualmin keep out of politics - you have nothing to do with them… stay opensource…

My politics are my business (Virtualmin has no politics other than Open Source). I support Ukraine unequivocally and I abhor the violence instigated by Putin and his oligarch allies, and have been vocal about that in my own personal social media. Russia invaded a peaceful democratic neighbor, and is committing war crimes as we speak. No one here is defending Russia or its war, and there is no just defense of a war of aggression.

Ilia, as with many of the Russian people, had nothing to do with the war, and he is my friend of many years, so I’m going to support him as best I can. I won’t speak for him on what his politics are, but I know he’s a kind and generous person in a very stressful situation, leaving friends, parents, and his home behind in order to provide a better life for his kids. Obviously, there is no comparison between what Ukrainians are going through and what Russians are going through, and I’ve made no suggestion that there is.

I understand you have some pain and anger related to Russia. Many people do. No one is going to ban you for expressing that pain…but, we also would generally like to keep politics out of it. Ilia did not bring politics into it, and I did not bring politics into the conversation. I just expressed support for a friend in a painful situation.


@Joe and @Ilia - thanks for understanding guys.

Thanks. I am in hope Ilia could forgive me for my cold words - im personally sorry Ilia - but seen rifle pufs against a wall - there is no explanation from my side - nor feelings at all. I feel you as a dev and I would love to keep this in that way. - thank you all.

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Ukraine is a sovereign state, and only Ukrainian people must be able to choose its course independently. I have never voted for the current government in Russia. I have always been against the war (and always will be).

I cannot influence the plans of the Russian government (unfortunately) but I can choose where to live (pay taxes) and where to raise my kids (who would pay taxes later).


I understand! Certainly no offence taken and I am very sorry that you had to go through all of this!


wow…what a personal tale of evacuation and heartache. I hopefully will never now the pain of having to flee my homeland. I am glad you and your family made it out safely. It’s hard enough to start over when everything comezx crahsing down in your own homeland…i cnanot even begin to fathom this journey’s difficulties. I am going to be praying for your continued bravery and your familie’s well-being going forward.


thank you for sharing you and your families story, our hearts and souls are with you. indeed it has nothing to do with the russian people, it seems a mad dictator has been set loose. there are many other places to discuss the political situation.

let us in the meantime help our friends both In Ukraine and Russia.



I live with my wife and our newborn baby in a foreign country and I understand 100% your affliction and distress.

I can’t help with money, but I would like to help sharing every (legal) option I know that can help you a lot about banking and send/receiving money internationally, including Europe, with way less cost than the popular options. I advance that PayPal and Western Union are really expensive and there are better (legal) options and combinations (including and its free multi-currency borderless bank account).

I am sending you right now a DM with my phone/whatsapp number, and it will be an honor to share with you everything I can.

Paulo Coghi


I am glad to hear that it somehow worked out and I wish you the best ahead.


@Ilia and all,
I am a “world person” with more background (family and personally and more) than even I can believe, relating to these kinds of situations.
I will say this once, literally as an encouragement: know that I am praying for you and your family, that God will enable you to continue to thrive and love and be the wonderful dad you already are.
Next time I’m in Larnaca, now I’ll know to look you up. I do have friends in Cyprus… if you have needs, DM me and I’ll be glad to introduce you.

Many blessings,


Like @unborn, I’ve lived the horrors of war in the middle east. Sadly the world did not move back then as effectively as they are doing it now (I’ll keep my perspective and opinions to myself), but I’m here to say that I feel your pains (@Ilia, @unborn) and the pains of everyone who had to go throw the war or get relocated because of it.
I eventually moved to another country, which also started suffering big inflation since I moved to it (I believe it wasn’t because of me :stuck_out_tongue: ), but the hardships are the same anyway; new places, new language, new friends, new everything. And besides missing your past and the efforts you spent to “build a life”, there come the little nuances, like you literally have to try all the brands in the supermarket before you can find the good ones that suit you.
And the language is a huge problem. It takes years to become a fluent speaker who can talk in most topics before you’re uncovered as “not one of them” (not suggesting that people are racist, etc, but it’s just human nature to fear the foreigner and not easily trust them).

@Ilia, I wonder why you picked Greece (or Cyprus) as a destination? Did you already have ties over there? Frankly, I worry because I do not trust the middle-east for long term plans.

Stay safe, live longm and prosper. The universe is lucky to have people like you, and this goes to all the kind hearts out there. You know yourselves <3


@Ilia @Joe - just sent $300 via PayPal.

Please take care of yourself and your family, Ilia. If you ever need a place for all of you to stay in San Francisco, let me know.


Thanks so much!

Thank you so much!

Take care.

War is so not done!
I can’t and refuse to understand why any war is needed or should be started ever!
That is my “political” but even more my ethical statement to this.

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