Telegram Channel is a bit odd dunno if its just me

Every telegram group I’ve seen has a place or channel for chat …

I joined and there is a bunch of update status messages :rofl:

This information is available in many locations I think chat would be healthy promotion for virtualmin really. Sure you might have unruly folks here or there but aye I think this is a step in the right direction something we are lacking is a live chat where people can discuss something. Dunno bout you but I recall the days of IRC and chat being worthwhile endeavors.

I don’t know nothing about no Telegram. :man_shrugging:

That’s all Ilia’s doing. I was against it.

hehehe Ilia has many aspirations he will help keep the ball rolling on everything.

Soon we may see in the PR.

Best hypervisor on the planet Xmin. This software is LIMITLESS! And it really is the only limits imposed on Xmin are artificial human ones I appreciate everything this software stands for!

But a chat wouldn’t kill it that’s for sure telegram is pretty useful its a good chat app for people to connect on although I realize its a bit too much to handle moderating that and moderating the forums and watching github and fixing stuff and so on it is useful to have a chat just something I’ve noticed with every project it is a huge boost to building community to have that more personal level real time chat even if you don’t interact much there are few ways things could go wrong I suppose but nothing that likely couldn’t be mitigated with the use of a BOT and folks would likely step in to help with moderation to delete spam etc… Usually how it goes over time. But I get your position. I presume anyone that can use a phone or a computer can easily use telegram so it isn’t a lack of knowledge its a lack of want. I loved PHPBB like everyone back in the day but communication has shifted all over the map. Thank god there are still forums but they don’t have the same feel. I wish folks could’ve lived through my period and enjoyed some of the things I once took for granted. Anyways thanks for the response as always dead night on kinda.

But I totally get not wanting to put yourself out there that’s why I don’t have a facebook everyone and their mother would have an ez route to decide to nag me about one thing or another locally I get a lot of odd business repairing computers guy brought over his flag pole solar light today my god I looked at it and thought there was no hope its like I didn’t want to let the guy down. Solar cells looked white them epoxy ones you couldn’t even see the solar cells it was one white block. So I polished it up by hand with CRC ran some alcohol a few times repeated checked the batteries they only held 75% charge then I realized one solar cell was toast and causing a short couple leds were not working so had to do a little soldering and slapped a little whipe on poly got it working for the ole farmer. I mean he isn’t wrong your supposed to have a light on your flag if you have one not doing so is like bad juju to the old military folks.

Anyways yeah enough I’m chatting your ear off here. That’s enough interaction for one day hehe!

Great double negative :heart:
I’m not a fan of it either. Just like the invention of the telephone - too immediate, too insistent - too disturbing (interrupts work/thought/life) but I guess just like post it is here to stay.

Well it depends it seems like most people who live to work regret it when crap hits the fan or cancer sets in and wish they would’ve worked to live. I mean at the end of the day life is about living and how a person views what living is can be skewed by whats in it for me you really do miss out on living and it don’t seem to matter how well off you are either. Even the most dedicated rich people come to this notion I mean Steve Jobs is a guy that comes to mind instantly when I’m thinking of this but there has been many that have been choked up by it.

But yeah I also have a spam pin on my telephone people have to type in if they want to call me. So they don’t waste their time if it isn’t important hehe I have many of the same notions and tendencies fancy meeting you here :stuck_out_tongue:

While I know it wasn’t quite directed at me this is simple conversation I ponder on this myself and I think folks are right. But so many times you get suckered by the immediate, insisting devices but in fairness I think its because some people put a higher value on their time especially the time that is free and that is fair life is short. I also have a clock in every room including my bathroom and smart everything I limit the time waste on repetitive things like turning off light switches as the average person wastes over 100hours through the course of his life flipping light switches. I could think of better things to do even talking on a phone or being interrupted is better than menial tasks well sometimes it’s debatable.

I actually kind of like the idea for things like Virtualmin as an additional place for push notifications about updates/important notices, if that’s what it is used for. Another place to catch my attention for notifications.

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