System Info missing - Part 2

This Thread does continu this thread:

Ohhh no, it happends again.
Today I had a message similar to “Kernel-stuff was change… reboot”.
I rebooted the PC, and the Systeminformations with the gauges are gone again.

In the previous thread, it was solved, because I even had to re-setup the server as LAMP instead of LEMP.
But now I configured the system for my needs - and it takes many day’s. It’s confusing me, that this happend again, and I can not tell, what the reason might be.

Any suggestions?

Seems likely to be OOM killer is killing the process before it can finish? How much memory do you have?

As it’s currently in setup-mode, it has 2GB, later if it’s goes in Production it might be increased.

Doesn’t looks like, the server is really busy:

Might there be any config-setting, to deactivate this panel? Maybe I have change something where I didn’t know that this disabled this Panel in the Dashboard?!?

Any idea for this @Joe ?

Anybody has an hint for me to fix this?

I don’t know. I’ve never seen this behavior before.

The theme has some configuration options for what to display in “Theme Configuration” (click the :art: palette icon in the left menu at the bottom to get there). But, I would think you’d know if you’d turned stuff off. But, I guess it’s worth checking.

Specifically, there is a “Show Charts” option, which if you turned it off, obviously you would no longer have the charts.

Unfortunately this was not the cause for the issue, because I have the same setting as you in your screenshot :cry:
I will not deny that the issue is a self made one, from my side… by changing some settings.
But even if, I can’t find the setting I may accidentally toggle to make this systemsetting disappear.

I’ve did some controll-output in service.cgi, and figured out the following:

Even if I try to ouptut the values with following command:

print $cpu_percent.'-'.$mem_percent.'-'.$virt_percent.'-'.$disk_percent;

they are all empty. It output only the hyphens in the gui.

Ok, I stuck on this. No progress at all. Any suggestion is very appreciated.

It seems that the current user, with which you’re logged in, had ACLs reset somehow.

This shouldn’t be happening on its own.

The fix may be as simple as going to Webmin ⇾ Edit Webmin User / username / Available Webmin modules and click on System Status module:

When clicked, make sure that either Everything is selected or manually select features for the dashboard to be displayed using Only selected option:

If it looks like everything is alright (Everything is selected), still click safe button.

Also, when editing Webmin user (as on the first screenshot, make sure to re-save that page too).

What is the size of main Virtualmin file? What is the output of:

ls -lsh /etc/webmin/virtual-server/config

That said the config file should be at least 5K at least. If that’s less, it may indicated that the configuration files were corrupt somehow.

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Unfortunately it doesn’t help.
The settings where as on your screenshot. All Modules selected, full permissions are set.

Anyway I’ve unset, and re-set it again, and save. Without luck.

Here is the output of the command you gave me:

# ls -lsh /etc/webmin/virtual-server/config
8.0K -rwx--x--x 1 root root 7.8K Jan 31 14:22 /etc/webmin/virtual-server/config


I’ve updated Webmin now, because there was an update available for today, and now, the Sysinfo appears again.

Wild. I wish we knew what happened with your system, but I think you’re the only person that reported this problem, so we’re totally in the dark about what’s going on.

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Yep strange, happend two times in a short period. Hope that it never come up again.
But thanks a lot for support.

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