System and Server Status - Check Process - ClamAV and Spamassassin

Hi, Why all threads are locked? Why I can’t respond to the old topic??? This forum don’t work very well, I liked older more :stuck_out_tongue:

old topic:

Here is how to solve the issue:
To monitor ClamAV you need to add new monitor (Others>system and server status) , find “check process” in dropdown list and hit “add monitor of type”. Name your monitor for example “ClamAv check” , in the If monitor goes down, run command put: “clamd restart” and in the Command to check for “clamd”

For Spamassassin use
restart command:
/etc/init.d/spamassassin restart
process check:

Thats it! Now you are monitoring your clamav and spamassassin scanner :slight_smile:

Only to that regard, the answer is pretty easy:
It helps to organize the forum better and prevents old topics from being bumped.
From my moderation and administrative experience, people start digging and hijacking topics which just sound similar to their issues. It just screams for confusion.
Plus, if the topic is in regard of a bug then it is highly likely that the bug got fixed (after that time).

It is to prevent zombie threads, where the topic evolves through multiple issues spanning weeks, months, or even years, without end. It becomes impossible for those of us with very limited time to spend on helping in the forums from getting bogged down trying to figure out what the thread is even about. I don’t know how to convince folks to act right, so it’s enforced…I’m ambivalent about some of the follow-on effects, however.

I do hate that it makes it impossible for solutions to show up months or years later…I wish there were a way to allow useful answers and prevent people from reopening threads to change the subject. I added a request to not make zombies to the forum guidelines years ago, but it never helped. So, the technical solution was put in place, instead.

Anyway, starting new threads is free, so, no harm in making a new thread.

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