System and Server Status - Check Process - ClamAV and SpamAssassin server Monitor

Hello to eveyone

I’m trying to Monitoring “ClamAV Virus Scanning Server”. Unfortunately in “Add monitor of type” it is not listed.
So I tired to use “Check Process” type, and here come my answer.
In “Check Process” type there is “Command to check for” field, I tried to use different kind of commands but nothing appears to work. Of course ClamAV process is up and running. Command “service clamd@scan.service status” works properly, I just don’t know what should be the proper command to write in “Command to check for” field. Checked also online for any kind of documentation but I cannot find nothing on it or any example.

Any kind of help will be really appreciated.
By the way I would like to do the same thing also for “SpamAssassin Filter Server”.

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Same problem. When I installed a new debian server on initial setup the Configuration Wizard says “ERROR: could not connect to socket” after the wizard I turned on ClamAV manually and it starts and is running. However it is not showing up on the Dashboard for “Server Status” start stop restart thing.

I tried re-running the wizard with it already running but it doesnt work.

ClamAV is up and running but the server status dashboard does not show or detect it.

Latest debian 9.

Hi I have the same issue on some Debian 9 servers.

Mine shows SpamAssassin as a service but not ClamAV.

Just joining this thread in case a fix is found.