Subdomain doesn't work although I created virtual host

Hi there,

I have the following setup:
1: bought a domain name from bluehost
2: bought a vps from hostinger
3: asked bluehost to point my domain to my vps and they did, now that’s working!
but please note this, I can no longer create subdomains using bluehost, the only choice left for me is to do it from my server.
4: on my VPS I have virtualmin/webmin installed

I have followed the following steps to create a subdomain:
1: logged into webmin @ server_ip:10000
2: clicked on webmin on nav bar
3: found and opened “Virtualmin Virtual Servers”
4: added the website’s subdomain name as “
5: selected all those options to setup necessary things such as DNS zones/DNS Bind

I had to confirm that the server is working so I opened Server > Apache Webserver and saw my subdomain name, there it showed me a button named ‘Open’ as if it was accessible via port 80.

I did that but still it gave me this error “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN”

The DNS configuration as you know are created automatically, I don’t think I need to provide them here.

If I got this correctly. you create subdomains on the panel as a sub of a virtual server… You don’t need to create them on the server. You need to add your NS from your host to the domains you’re using in your panel first, then create a VS and then a sub for the VS… Good luck…

I didn’t understand this part:

You need to add your NS from your host to the domains you’re using in your panel first, then create a VS and then a sub for the VS

Can you explain what should I do exactly?

In virtualmin, you cannot create a subdomain, there is no such option, the option is available and is named “Virtualmin Virtual server”

Well, you need to point your domains to the panel in order to create subs for them and use them to host websites. How did you create the host name for Webmin?

Which panel are you talking about?
I already pointed my top-level domain to my server, what else do I need to point?

Click on Create Virtual Server, then pick a choice. Top Level (Green button) that would be for a Domain. the next one sub… That would be for a subdomain…

What does this mean “How did you create the host name for Webmin?”?

Did you give it a sub name?..Ex.

Are you planning on hosting several sites, or just the one?

For now it will be one but it is going to increase soon.

O.K. How did you set up the host?

I just deleted a virtual server, I don’t see any subdomain option here

I explained the setup already, read OP.

So you didn’t give it a hostname?..

You have a great deal of learning my friend… I don’t know if it’s possible to point every domain to Hostinger and have it show up on the panel. I may be wrong, but I’ve never seen it. What OS are you using?

You’d normally use your host domain as the Name Servers for your domains. The host could be anything. Preferably and not to get confused, you can use, then, go into your domain pointed to Hostinger and create A records for them. Once created, you can go back to Bluehost and add the ns1. as your Name Servers, and they’ll automatically point to the panel…

It’s possible to host several domains on the same sever.
Your replies are so cryptic, I can barely understand them, I use ubuntu as my main OS and on the VPS.
Let’s wait in a corner for someone who can communicate properly and knows this stuff.


That’s the topic of nameservers, I am done with them.

Good luck…

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