Subdomain doesn't work although I created virtual host

I’m hoping that English is not your first language, and that you therefore didn’t understand how rude that response sounds to someone who was trying to help you.

That being said, you have a DNS problem. the NXDOMAIN in DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN stands for “non-existent domain.” That means that the nameserver can’t find the domain.

If you’re using a nameserver on your server, then the first place I’d check in CentOS would be in /etc/resolv.conf . I don’t know if the file is in the same location in Ubuntu, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were. In that file, in addition to the upstream resolver IP addresses, I would add the entry


to tell the server to include itself when performing lookups. Then I would restart BIND, close the browser and clear the DNS cache on my local computer, and try again.

You can learn more about /etc/resolv.conf on this site. I hope it’s not too cryptic.


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A subdomain is just a name. Sub-servers in Virtualmin are about ownership, not names.

You can have a top-level server named example.tld and a sub-server named sub.example.tld owned by the same user, if you want to.

Or, you can have two top-level servers named example.tld and sub.example.tld. It’s just a name. “subdomain” doesn’t mean anything except that there is a name (sub) under the second level domain of example.tld. It’s just a name.

You can also have a sub-server owned by example.tld that has a completely different, unrelated, name, e.g. differentname.tld. It’s just a name. Ownership is independent of the names within (though there are some limits you can put on users, they are not technical limitations, they are permissions).

If someone told me “Your answers sound cryptic”, I would re-read my comments and accept their criticism, his answers were cryptic and that’s it.

About your answer, I appreciate you giving time and answering my question but your answer is wrong.


I appreciate you giving time and answering my question but your answer doesn’t solve the problem.
This could only be solved through Bluehost technical team because they had disabled my ability to create subdomains and I explained this thoroughly on my post.

Let it go Joe…:nerd_face:


Hi Sherlock. Sometimes when you use open software, a certain amount of knowledge is assumed. People just assume you know certain things, so when you ask questions in a forum like this, certain answers will indeed seem cryptic because the responder assumes you already have knowledge of certain things. For example in this case NS records etc.

The answer you were looking for is this. Yes Virtualmin can create subdomains. However that’s only part of the job. Just like how your full domain has an ip address which was used to point your domain name to virtualmin, you subdomain also needs to point to virtualmin. So you also need to create the subdomain in your hosting solution. In your case bluehost.

So if Bluehost block you from creating a subdomain, then what you want to do is literally impossible. (There is a trick you can do in your computer’s hostnames file but that only allows you to view the subdomain on that computer only). I don’t know how they can block creating subdomains because it’s normally a one step process but maybe you just have to purchase a higher plan.

I think that would have been a simple answer For you if you hadn’t or haven’t already figured it out.


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