SSL issue only on WordPress landing page

Still having this issue that only the landing page of my WordPress site always shows as “Not secure” in the browser even though every other page on the site is secure. The Webmin/Virtualmin console also show as secure.

My previous post on this topic is here but no solution as of now: SSL issue only with website landing page


What is the site URL to check on?

@Ilia, here is the site: (landing page, says not secure)

Sub pages are working fine and secure on the same site

Okay, like I mentioned that page is loading some content via http, from

The best solution is to never specify the protocols explicitly but just go with:


… instead of

… to let browser decided which one to use …

@Ilia, thank you!

It turned out to be a problem in the actual WordPress page, I fixed it directly in WordPress.

All working fine now, cheers.