down again

Hello team,
Just bringing to your attention that server is down if not already known to the team.


Confirm it as well. Two servers in the same location have issues updating now.

Can confirm 5th Feb : unable to get virtualmin

please is there any alternative ?

I think one used to be able to do

$ wget -O
$ /bin/sh

but would not recomend that.

I would strongly suggest waiting until @Joe gets back online and resolves what is wrong. Obviously a problem with specific subdomain as the forum software is working just fine on

these things are usually resolved quite quickly (but I believe in US time)

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@staff is down

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Fixed. Our VM at Scaleway has some sort of weird hardware/kernel/network thing out of our control where it just stops responding for no reason apparent on the system. I guess I need to move to another provider. I already moved from one of their old VMs to a new one, so it’s now on their newest infrastructure and VM type, but it still has weird issues (different ones, but, the end result is very poor reliability). I’m not sure what else to do about it. The service was fine for years, but now…terrible.


Spoke too soon. The license database connection isn’t working…

Fixed after a reboot. Very weird. I think Scaleway does something hinky with network. Connections, both in and out, just sort of stop with no reason.

So, anyway, this weekend I’ll plan to move it to another provider.


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I have been running Debian with Hetzner on dedicated servers for over 10 years and 5 on their cloud, which I like even more. Super easy, cheap (if they raise their prices 5 times I would stay) and pretty much never down. Maybe 3 short outages over the years which they fixed before I was even aware of it.

Running software for a company with tens of inspectors. Disadvantage is that you are on your own managing your servers. Something you certainly don’t need.

If I remember well I discovered webmin/virtualmin, because Hetznet installed it with their standard LAMP image, but I could be wrong. went down for a bit. is on a different host on a different continent. It can’t possibly be related to this thread. (And, it was down briefly for updates. That happens sometimes. We’re a shoestring operation here, so downtime happens now and then.)

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