Should KVM server be same address as br0 or should it be different?

That is my NFO

I have 1 server 2 NICS both connected to a switch.

Now how the heck do you setup networking in a solid way that works every time without a hitch?

What are the steps?

Crazy thing I had my server running installed my virtualmin backup everything was shiny. Had a slight issue with a WP Plugin on one of my websites stopping me from accessing the dashboard so I fixed that. Had everything running then BINGO it all went to hell in a handbasket when I decided to restart my KVM.

I managed to get SSH status where it used to say virtual min but it gave me a permission denied error.

So I decided I would start up a new KVM instance in hopes I could follow the same steps I did to get it working NOPE!

I don’t understand why its such a big secret on how to get things running if there is one thing I’ve learned its that the documentation for cloudmin is not how its done! And to try and keep the settings if something happens or get your stuff back up and running it almost seems like an impossibility.

I am unsure if its because of all of the Certificates from trying to login to IP’s and Domains locally that are stored and I need to clear all of them that I’m getting the SSH error I really can’t say.

But as much as I want this to work at the same time I’m thinking god it really shouldn’t be this hard either to establish what should be a pretty basic connection.

Its really got me thinking that in order for it to work Cloudmin needs an huge overhaul.

I want to say they disallowed the use of shortform boleeans in version 6.x of Qemu couple of versions ago.

Also a lot of the packages that are supposed to install like cgroup-bin as mentioned in the documentation does not install the same way either now that its cgroup-tools there is nothing by default that gets installed into the directories specified.

You also have to manually install Qemu and libvirt.

Not to mention a lot of other things involving scripting could be wrong I would imagine if you were using short form.

There is also no Deb12 image to install on your KVM.

So I installed Deb11 just to test things out and get it up and running.

In Debian12 with cloudmin the Terminal doesn’t work funny thing on my Debian11 KVM the terminal worked like a champ no issues at all when I had it running that is.

If you got this running please at least let me know its possible even if you don’t want to tell me a lick of anything involving my problems it would be nice to know someone else got this running and is able to keep it running as I am running out of hair to pull out :stuck_out_tongue:

I only did a quick read of your first post about Cloudmin as I wasn’t interested in Cloudmin or Debian or KVM, but as I recall, you said it worked with just one NIC.

Are you complicating it and causing problems by using 2?

Can you try a fresh install with one disabled or removed?

Yeah it actually makes it easier in fact I feel down right idiot right now I over looked the smallest thing it should’ve never worked to begin with the way I had it setup OMG!

Network Conflict man do I feel dumb the most basic thing I missed.

Errr ok for heavens sakes it isn’t as difficult as I was making it it is no wonder why my IP of my server was showing as my router IP JEEZE man here I thought I didn’t know what the heck I was doing its not that its that I was too worried about the basics to pay attention to the simple stuff that could have been wrong not a first time I’ve done that and likely will not be the last.

Humans gotta love them sometimes they like to make things complicated for themselves.

Well in time here I’ll have to get setup with a capture card that has a hardware encoder 1080P should be sufficient and I’ll have to create a video and share how to setup for Debian 12. Little bit more testing but sheesh would be nice to have a working terminal though for sure so I don’t have to have desktop installed hrmmm I wonder.

Holy crap I can’t believe a home network and I have 100 IP’s used up yeah I’ll have to pay more attention sheesh I got many of them set as static however there are a few stragglers I can’t remember for the life of me what they are and they don’t give much info based off of the MAC ID lookup either I know two of them are esp’s so lord knows could be a switch or a wireless bulb or something along that line errr maybe its my home made 5 outlet power strip anyways two things can’t fight for the same address network errors conflict. Just odd the IP wasn’t reported as used like the other ones but upon looking that’s what it was. Ehhh ah well should’ve checked for the normal simple stuff that’s usually what bites you in the end. I was thinking there was something complex I had to do NOPE!

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