Setting up virtualmin to send mails to gmail, hotmail

OS type and version Ubuntu Server 20.04
Virtualmin version 6.17-3

Hi, i just installed Virtualmin on Ubuntu Server 20.04 hosted on Amazon AWS. I am looking for steps to set it up to send emails to gmail, hotmail. Any help or tips is appreciated. I am a total newbie to mail servers.

You might find this relevant: SMTP server | MX record setting up

I have set up a SPF, a DKIM and a MX record. But it still isn’t working. Every mail i send to Gmail account is stuck in postfix mail queue in webmin.

You asked about setting up Virtualmin to send email and that question has been answered.

Your outgoing mail issues deserve a seperate topic. Do a quick search of the forum and if you are unable to find a solution, start a new topic please. If you provide the appropriate log entries, it will help the community diagnose your problem quicker.

I see. Thank you for your help and advice. I really appreciate it. I will search and start a new topic if required. Have a nice day ahead!

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