Setting servers and subservers with ovh

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.4
Virtualmin version Version 7.1


Just installed Virtualmin on a VPS at OVH.

My system hostname is vps-…
I have a domain

I’d like to make a website reachable at

And 2 other websites reachable at :

  1. What is the best practise? A new server for each or a server for and subservers for site1-2?

  2. May someone explain me how to do it from OVH and Virtualmin?
    I can’t find any tutorial explaining clearly how to.

Thanks for your help


Hello @mic and welcome to the community.

It is essential that you install Virtualmin via Automated Virtualmin Installation – Virtualmin. This enables the community to assist you effectively and it is also the easiest way to install Virtualmin correctly.

A new top level virtual server for each domain. A new virtual server can be created via Virtualmin → Create Virtual Server

I don’t use sub servers unless there is good reason to do so. You could avoid sub servers in the beginning of your journey with Virtualmin to keep things simple. Later, if you wish to convert a top level virtual server to a sub server, you can easily do that (and vice versa) via menu options in the Virtualmin web interface.

This is the link to Virtualmin official documentation

This forum has a search feature

Additionally, feel free to ask questions. Please take a quick look at the community guidelines before you engage.

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Hi calport,

Thanks for your reply.

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